Enjoy the nightlife more in the city!

Stroll around the illuminated town as you are pleased

The downtown areas in Tokyo including Shinjuku, Ginza and Shibuya are lively at night as well. Large commercial complex where specialty stores gather stand in convenient locations from the stations, making it easy for you to stop by on the way back from sightseeing. Many commercial complex are open until 10pm, so you can use your time efficiently, visiting tourist spots in the afternoon and shopping for souvenirs at night.

Beautifully illuminated department stores

It is also fun to walk around window-shopping in the beautifully illuminated department stores in the downtown areas of Tokyo. There are many unique displays showing seasonal events, the most recent fashions and collaborations with famous creators. You can experience the latest trends in Japan.

The restaurant floor in the malls and skyscrapers

If you want to have a late dinner, going to the restaurant floor in the department stores and skyscrapers, which are open until 10pm-11pm, is a good idea. You can easily find famous restaurants there including long-established Japanese ones. If you are lucky, you can sit by the window and enjoy your meal looking at the night view.

*Business hours vary for each restaurant

Enjoy both sightseeing and shopping

If you want to enjoy the nightlife in Tokyo in more active way, why not take a night course offered by a tourist bus. For example, the Tokyo Skybus Night Course (Departing from in front of Tokyo Station at 6:30pm) takes you around in a double-decker bus for 2 hours through Marunouchi, a business district in Tokyo, Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, which connects central Tokyo and the bay area, and Odaiba, where commercial complex and entertainment facilities gather. There is an hour break in Odaiba, so you can enjoy shopping and coffee or tea break.

Make sure to check and enjoy great deals when you visit Japan!

When you visit Japan, look for the “Japan Shopping Festival”. This is the biggest shopping festival in Japan for tourists from overseas, which is held in summer (July – August) and winter (December – February) every year. Many stores including department stores, shopping malls and specialty stores participate and offer a variety of welcoming events such as discount sales, *Fukubukuro or lucky bag sales events and enter-to-win events where you can win tourist-exclusive coupons and popular items. Check the details of the discounts and information of the participating stores in the website below!

*Fukubukuro is a bag containing many different items placed in the bag in advance and sold sealed so the buyer cannot see inside. Fukubukuros are limited in number, but the assortment of items in the bags is always valued several times more than the price of the bag. They are mainly sold in Hatsuuri held from January 1st to 3rd.