A Microcosm of Japan in a Single Hotel[Special Extra]

Experience splendid Japanese traditional events from many sides

Traditional events of each country strongly reflect its culture. Japanese spring festival, Hinamatsuri (Girl’s Doll festival), is characterized by the colorful and gorgeous decoration especially the ornamental dolls. From February 1 to March 27, 2017, a popular annual event, where you can experience the charm of this splendid and historical festival for celebrating vigorous growth of female children by colorful exhibition and food, are going to be held in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Hanging ornaments of Hina dolls
The lobby is decorated with gorgeous dolls and is a popular photo spot

There will be hanging ornaments which are made by connecting more than 6,500 handmade dolls made with valuable antique silk. There will also be gorgeous ornaments of traditional craft that is modeled on a medieval court with delicate dolls wearing kimono and a set of items. Visitors can freely enjoy and take pictures of this magnificent exhibition all day without charge.

Hinamatsuri Menu
Prettily presented Hinamatsuri Menu which is inspirited by dolls for Hinamatsuri is also popular

Special menus associated with Hinamatsuri using seasonal ingredients that are elaborated by chefs from 10 different restaurants such as Japanese restaurants, Western restaurants, Chinese restaurants and Sky Lounge will be offered. You can enjoy this Japanese event from the aspect of food.

Bonsai (Dwarfed tree)
Bonsai culture which has been handed down as a traditional Japanese art is introduced through the exhibition

At the same period, there will be an exhibition of bonsai in the hotel which is also popular overseas. There will be a masterpiece bonsai and Ukiyoe woodblock prints from 19th century that depict bonsai culture.There are art objects which are brought from The Omiya Bonsai Art Museum in Saitama.

The venue, Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo, has held various events to convey Japanese culture such as the comprehensive exhibition of Arita porcelain which is Japanese traditional craft and a special event to convey the attractiveness of Mt. Fuji which is a World Cultural Heritage Site. The hotel has received a high evaluation regarded its convenient location, 5 minutes walk from Shinjuku Station which is well connected across Tokyo, and the extensive facilities and comfort as a global hotel which welcomes guests from more than 100 countries.

Experience a variety of Japanese culture such as tea ceremony, kimono, Japanese cuisine and Hello Kitty

Japanese tea ceremony experience
It is exclusive for Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo to be able to experience tea ceremony at the genuine tea ceremony room in the hotel
Japanese flower arrangement “Ikebana” experience
The hotel offers an Ikebana experience instructed by an Ikebana artist who arranges the floral decorations of the lobby

Other than these events, there are many opportunities to experience Japanese culture in the hotel. In the main lobby, traditional musical instrument, Koto (Japanese harp) recital is held 2 days a week, 8 performances in total. At the tea ceremony room “Sho-fu-an,” tea ceremony experience in a tranquil atmosphere instructed by a tea ceremony master with English explanation is held 5 days a week, 20 sessions in total. There are more art works of famous Japanese artists in the hotel such as “Tou no niwa”, or Ceramic Garden, by a potter, Yusuke Aida and a garden and grove of mixed tree designed by the landscape designer, Koki Fukaya.

Japanese Sake Bar
Sake sommelier will choose the perfect sake for guests

As for Japanese restaurants, there are 7 restaurants available in the hotel such as “Soujuan”, where you can enjoy Kaiseki which is a course meal with tasteful Japanese cuisine, “Kagari”, which offers a broad range of Japanese cuisine, and Japanese Sake Bar “Amanogawa”, that has a variety of sake specially selected from sake breweries across Japan. Different kind of Japanese food such as Kobe beef, tempura, sukiyaki, sushi, and ramen can be enjoyed.

For the staying guests, in addition to Ikebana lessons that are held from time to time without charge, the hotel offers a paid service that you can wear traditional Japanese wedding kimono made with beautifully dyed Japanese silk with gorgeous embroidery, and take pictures. Moreover, staying at “Hello Kitty Room”, which is guest rooms with original interior decoration, amenities, and breakfast which get you into Hello Kitty world, is a unique experience available only at Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku and Tama.

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Sake brewery tour by hired car
A tour to visit sake breweries, that are difficult to access for those who are not faliliar with the area, has started for foreign tourists

There are many kinds of tours arriving at and departing from the hotel. From December, 2016, an original limousine tour of Keio Plaza Hotel that guests can enjoy nature and sake of green-rich Nishi-Tokyo in private atmosphere was started. In addition to that, there are about 50 bus tours to Mt. Fuji, Hakone and many other sightseeing spots that depart from and arrive at the lobby. These tours can be applied at the Guest Relations Desk at the lobby.

Introduction of services to enjoy the charm of Tokyo and new tool

Night view from Sky Lounge
Sky Lounge “Aurora” with beautiful night view from 160 m (about 525 ft) above the ground

It is one of the special features of Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo that you can enjoy the charm of Tokyo in the luxurious atmosphere. At Sky Lounge “Aurora” on the 45th floor, which reopened in December, 2016 after renovation, you can feel as though you were walking on the sky by taking in dynamic view of Tokyo from large picture windows. At night, you can taste and compare 3 brands of Japanese sake with different flavor such as dry or sweet with Japanese snacks in hand while enjoying spectacular night view in front of you.

Special lounge for Premier Grand
“Club Lounge”, which is exclusive to visitors staying at “Premier Grand”, is one of the largest special lounges in Tokyo

The ultimate luxury guest rooms called “Premier Grand”, which are located on the upper floors from the 37th to 41st, were launched in December, 2016, and its exclusive lounge called “Club Lounge” is one of the largest among the hotels in Tokyo. Guests can relax freely all day there while enjoying marvelous view from 160 m (about 525 ft) above the ground and check in and out comfortably seated. Another special feature is that dedicated concierges will organize your ideal stay in Tokyo. They arrange tea ceremony experience, kimono experience, and more than 40 relaxation menus of the hotel, make reservation for restaurants inside and outside of the hotel and for sightseeing tours, and provide sightseeing advice to support the guests’ perfect stay.

In each guest room of “Premier Grand”, which has sophisticated interior and specially selected amenities, the guests can read 5,000 different newspapers and magazines from about 100 countries, and also can find information of the area around the hotel and sightseeing information on a tablet in 5 different languages, that are English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

International hotel, which has functionality and convenience, welcomes guests from various countries

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo
The exterior of the Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo

Shinjuku, where the facilities related to sightseeing, shopping, art appreciation and good food are gathered, and conveniently connected to all around Tokyo, Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo locates 5 minute walk from its center, Shinjuku Station, and offers limousine bus service to Tokyo Disney Resort and airports. It is a perfect base for enjoying Tokyo.

Since the opening as the world’s tallest skyscraper hotel in 1971, Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo has been aiming for being a open “Plaza” in Tokyo where people from different backgrounds gather and enjoy the culture, and promoted the barrier-free design and the enhancement of non-alcoholic beverage menu ahead of the hotel industry so that the guests with different needs can stay comfortably to enjoy Japanese culture. The hotel offers extensive array of service for international guests, which is more than 75 per cent of all the guests, such as installation of a currency exchange machine that accepts 14 currencies and information transmission in different languages on the Web.

Guest room of Premier Grand
Guest room of Premier Grand that provides high quality comfortableness

Free Wi-Fi is available in all 1,437 guest rooms of a wide variety of types. There are many shops available inside of the luxurious interior hotel. There are restaurants which have special offers using various seasonal ingredients. You can enjoy cocktails made by excellent bartenders who have received prizes at contests inside and outside of Japan. The visitors can fully enjoy the food.