Adorn Your Japanese Journey With Flowers[PR]

One great example – a stroll among the Japanese flowers of spring. Create your own travel theme today.

Are you familiar with the expression “hanami” (“flower viewing”)? Every year from late March through May, the blooming of cherry blossoms spreads throughout Japan, beginning in the south and heading north. They are must-see pleasure of springtime.

In addition to cherry blossoms, there are countless other varieties of flowers that bud during spring. Here, we introduce some famous flower-viewing locations in different regions of the country which continue to charm visitors. Why not adorn your trip to Japan with a floral theme?

The vivid colors of the flowers below resemble that of cherry blossoms, and because of the way they bloom into a floral carpet, they are known as “shibazakura” (literally “lawn cherry blossoms”). They are but one representative flower of spring to enjoy.

Shibazakura in Kawaguchiko-machi
Stunningly beautiful contrast of the shibazakura in Fuji Kawaguchiko-machi, Yamanashi Prefecture, and Mt. Fuji in the distance
Splendid Ofuji
This 150-year-old Fuji tree in full bloom is an awesome spectacle
Shirafuji Tunnel
Shirafuji Tunnel

The wisteria is another emblematic flower of spring that one can appreciate. In the “Ashikaga Flower Park” in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture, there is a famous 150-year-old wisteria tree known as “Ofuji”, literally “giant wisteria tree”. This ancient tree has branches supported by a “wisteria trellis” which can expand up to 1090㎡ (or 0.26 acres) in size. Another incredible spectacle is the “shirafuji” (white wisteria) tunnel which extends approximately 80m (or 262.4 feet) in length.

Nemophila steeped in blue
Vivid scenery that unites the ocean, the sky, and hills covered with nemophila

The best time to see the lovely translucent blue of the nemophila flower is from the end of April to the middle of May. The vast hills of the Hitachi Seaside Park in Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture, are imbued with color. The gestalt of the ocean, azure sky and rolling blue hills makes for some impressive scenery.

Due to their proximity, we recommend these shibazakura, wisteria and nemophila as Tokyo sightseeing options. The areas can be accessed from Metropolitan Tokyo in approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Unforgettable experiences make travel to Japan all the more enjoyable

In addition to the pleasures of beautiful flowers and scenery, there are other ways to take in Japan’s four seasons. How about giving striking springtime snowscapes a try?

A massive wall of snow
Visitors will be surprised by the massive scale of this wall of snow
Snow activities you can enjoy in spring
Traversing magnificent snowy landscapes is a popular activity

Tateyama Murodoudaira, located in central Toyama Prefecture, has an elevation of 2,450m (about 8038 ft.). The region receives some of the heaviest snowfall in the world. In particular, Murodo’s neighbouring “Otani”, famous for the holy men who resided and worshipped there, receives a massive amount of snow, accumulating up to depths exceeding 20m (approximately 65.6 feet).

Walking amidst the immense wall of snow in Otani (the “Otani Walk”) can be a moving experience. Because of the immense amount of snow, this area is closed off during the winter, creating a unique experience that can only be had in the spring. In any given year, we recommend mid-April through mid-June as the best time to visit. You can also venture on a 360-degree trek through a pure white wonderland.

Japan’s four seasons are a memorable aspect of the cuisine that forms an essential part of your travels. Being able to pick and eat your own strawberries, peaches, and other such seasonal fruits is an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone from children to adults. Fruit picking locations can be found nationwide, from Kanto to every part of the country. Strawberry picking in greenhouses begins in January, while cherry picking starts in May. Visitors’ can appreciate activities which vary by region and season.

Strawberry picking
Peach picking
Myriad fruits can be picked and enjoyed

Fruit picking is an activity where you can gather your own fresh and delicious fruit to eat. It’s a popular activity that both kids and adults delight in. There are strawberries, cherries, peaches, grapes, and more. Fruit picking outings can be enjoyed throughout Japan from spring to autumn.

Another pleasure of Japan’s food culture is to savor the famous local ingredients of the various places you visit on your journey. From crab to shabushabu, combining the flavors of local cuisine with your favorite new sightseeing spots makes your trip that much more memorable.

Crab and shabushabu

Get the most out of your experiences in Japan

Every traveler wants to create lifelong memories of Japan’s seasonal pageantry of flowers and scenery. However, ways of doing this may be difficult to incorporate into a limited travel itinerary. Additionally, many areas are a challenge to reach due to traffic and other such inconveniences. The question of “what to do” or “where to go” in Japan is always an issue.

Tourists take a relaxing road trip
Another travel point is how to set aside enough time to leisurely take in sightseeing destinations.

In order to readily enjoy the special experiences Japan has to offer without wasting time, many repeat visitors take advantage of tours provided by Japanese travel agencies. According to KNT-CT Holdings, which operates major travel agency “Club Tourism”, day trips and one night-two day tours are frequently booked by visitors to Japan. This allows travelers to get the most out of a limited itinerary.

There are tours that allow one to simultaneously enjoy the appeal of sightseeing and food. Examples include an outing to view the nemophila at Hitachi Seaside Park followed by a viewing of Ofuji with yakiniku (Japanese barbecue) at Ashikaga Flower Park, and the Fuji Shiba-sakura Festival plus hiking trek to Mt. Fuji’s 5th station for strawberry picking. Club Tourism offers over 500 tour plans, meaning there’s one to suit every traveler’s taste and schedule.

The ability to select from a multitude of tour departure points is also key for traveling flexibility. With Club Tourism, there are many cities you can choose to depart from, including Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Sapporo, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sendai, Shizuoka, Hiroshima, and more. Additionally, when applying for a tour you can receive assistance in English or Chinese for peace of mind. Furthermore, special plans are available which offer travelers the privacy of a chartered taxi or bus, accompanied by an interpreter.

Tours that make memorable experiences a reality
Tours can take you to places where difficult to access
A spectacular spot overlooking Mount Fuji
One merit of tours is that they allow you to visit popular sightseeing spots on a comfortable schedule

Why not consider a tour for your next trip to Japan?

Attendant at work
During tours, attendants manage travel itineraries, providing peace of mind
Bus exclusive to the tourists visiting Japan
An exclusive highway coach bus for tourists visiting Japan, with onboard Wi-Fi available

You can easily make your Club Tourism reservations online before arrival. Depending on the tour schedule and activities selected, some tours may also allow you to make reservations after arriving in Japan. If you’re already in Japan, tour information centers will respond to inquiries and take bookings by telephone. It is also possible to have a tour proposed which matches your schedule or budget. When considering purchasing reservations, be sure to make arrangements for volunteer interpreters. Depending on the tour and itinerary, customized arrangements are also possible.

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To ensure a memorable journey, utilize these tours well regarded by repeat visitors to Japan and enjoyed by four million Japanese people every year!