A Short Trip from Tokyo to Kisarazu in Chiba Prefecture[PR]

A road across Tokyo Bay to Kisarazu

Kisarazu City in Chiba Prefecture is a port city that extends along Tokyo Bay. The first place you will want to visit is Ōdayama Park, which has wonderful views. This park, which is renowned for its cherry trees in springtime, is also the place for a Japanese legend that was recorded some 1,300 years ago. On a clear day, if you go to the top of the Kimisarazu Tower, which stands 28m (919ft) tall, this popular spot provides views of Tokyo Skytree and Mt. Fuji as well as a beautiful night view of Tokyo.

Kimisarazu Tower in Ōdayama Park/Cherry trees in  Ōdayama Park
Night view of Ōdayama Park
Ōdayama Park is full of great views

Ōdayama Park

  • addres : 2-16 Ota, Kisarazu-shi
  • accsses:Approx. 5 mins. from JR Kisarazu Station East Gate by bus bound for Ota Loop Line. Walk 5 mins. after getting off at Koinomori.
  • Ōdayama Park(Japanese)

At Kisarazu Port you will find the city’s symbol: the Nakanoshima Ohashi bridge. This red pedestrian bridge was completed in 1975, which extends across the ferry route to Nakanoshima Park. The evening scene over the bridge viewed from the port is truly beautiful.

Mt. Fuji can sometimes be seen on the other side of Nakanoshima Ohashi
Mt. Fuji can sometimes be seen on the other side of Nakanoshima Ohashi

Take the highway bus from Tokyo to Kisarazu and you will pass through the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line. The first half of this road is an undersea tunnel, and the feeling of openness when you emerge above the sea is exceptional. Umihotaru, the man-made island 650m (2,132ft) in length that suddenly appears before your eyes, is a parking area that is unusual to find on any sea road anywhere in the world. You can get off the bus here when traveling from Kawasaki City. There is a viewing platform that provides unbroken views of Tokyo Bay, and this popular spot also has stores, restaurants and a free footbath on the 4th floor.

Umihotaru with its beautiful sunset
Enjoy a footbath in the middle of Tokyo Bay
Enjoy a footbath in the middle of Tokyo BayPhotographs: Trans-Tokyo Bay Highway Corporation (bottom left, bottom right)

Times and adult fares for highway buses from Tokyo city area to Kisarazu Station:

59 mins. from Tokyo Station Yaesu Gate (1,350 yen)

1 hr. 22 mins. From Shinjuku Station South Gate (1,550 yen)

58 mins. from Shinagawa Station East Gate (1,350 yen)

55 mins. from Yokohama Station East Gate (1,550 yen)

1 hr. 5 mins. from Kawasaki Station East Gate (1,440 yen)

Enjoy sightseeing and shopping!

Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu at night

Another recommendation in Kisarazu is shopping. Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu is the largest outlet mall in the Tokyo metropolitan area, with approximately 250 stores and restaurants. It is easily accessible from Tokyo city area , suburbs, and airports, and it is also convenient as there are direct buses every day from major terminal stations. It is 45 minutes one-way from Tokyo Station, and you can also get here in roughly 40-60 minutes from Shinjuku Station and Yokohama Station.

This facility, which has a spacious feeling like a seaside resort, covers a large area with store space alone reaching approximately 36,500㎡ (392,882sq ft). There are roughly 250 stores offering everything from fashion to sports items, daily essentials and children’s products. Take the multilanguage floor map and go looking for your favorite stores.

Entrance to Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu
Inside Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu
Enjoy discount shopping in this clean facility

・Why not look for traditional Japanese items?

Japanese superior daily essentials were created from the lives from the four different seasons. The careful work of craftsmen has brought about functional and beautiful superior items that anyone would want. There are also stores selling traditional items that are unique to Japan, which you can actually pick up when choosing what to buy.

Lacquer ware by YAMADA HEIANDO

HEIANDO Nouveau is produced by YAMADA HEIANDO, lacquerware purveyors to the Imperial Household Agency. Their items, including traditional lacquerware and modern designs, are ideal souvenirs.(A,B)

KIYA is a widely renowned cutlery store that was established in 1792. The store offers various types of cutlery, including knives and a variety of cooking utensils. These continually charming products are always offered at outlet prices.(C,D)

Elegant, high-quality Japanese tableware to be cherished for many years from Tachikichi. Take on the delicate Japanese food culture with this tableware.(E,F)

・Choose these children’s items for their high quality

Nothing is more important than safety when it comes to children’s clothes and toys. A well-made design is also an essential element in order to make your family smile. Such superior articles are offered here.

Front of mikiHOUSE REPRO  outlet store

mikiHOUSE REPRO is an outlet store for the high-quality children’s clothing brand mikiHOUSE. They offer vividly colorful collections and clothing combinations that are bright and full of life.(G,H)

Their “Combi Style” line offers a range of fun and stylish products such as outfits for kids, newborns, and baby strollers.(I,J)

・Many recommended Japanese brands

There are countless Japanese brands that are highly acclaimed worldwide, such as wristwatch brands that are admired for their technical strength and reliability, high quality women’s underwear brands, and fashion brands that are known for having good sense despite being reasonably priced.

SEIKO OUTLET specialist watch store/Mechanical watch by SEIKO/Wacoal FACTORY STORE - famous for women's underwear/Front of Shel'tter moussy women’s fashionable clothing store/Inside the Shel'tter moussy women’s fashionable clothing store

SEIKO OUTLET is a specialist store for SEIKO, the leading Japanese watch manufacturer. In addition to mechanical watches, their digital watches for mountain climbing and running are also popular.(K,L)

Wacoal FACTORY STORE from Wacoal. Make sure you try out this popular brand that is known for its high quality and functionality. (M)

Shel’tter moussy offers refined casual clothes that are perfect for active women, including casual clothes that present a beautiful body shape.(N,O)

Front of the JINS original glasses store/Original glasses by JINS/Store-front of BOSHIYA OUTLET/Various hats at BOSHIYA OUTLET

JINS offers more than 1,000 types of glasses and sunglasses with unique designs. Reasonable prices are a standout feature.(P,Q)

A variety of hats are on offer at BOSHIYA OUTLET. Find a hat that suits you from among the 1,000 or more hats at this store.(R,S)

Famous Brand of the World are Gathered Here

Have a look for items from famous brands that can be purchased at discount prices.

Enjoy getting lost as you enjoy various gourmet delights

In addition to the six restaurants located in the restaurant corner in the middle of the facility, there is a spacious food court. If you’re having trouble deciding what to eat, it can be fun to try various foods. The rooftop terrace offers views of the sea, and you can even see Mt. Fuji on sunny days.

Food court with 1,200 seats spread across 14 restaurants
Find your perfect Japanese food or another menu at one of the 14 stores in the 1,200-seater food court
Sushi at HakodateKantaro  Gourmet Kaiten-zushi/Mother Farm  soft-serve ice cream/Soft-serve ice cream  made from freshly squeezed milk/Tempura with rice at Nihombashi Tendon Kaneko Hannosuke/Ramen at Matsudo Tomita Seimen

HakodateKantaro Gourmet Kaiten-zushi is a lively store that offers a full range of sushi using fresh seafood.(T)

The popular Chiba brand Mother Farm presents MOTHER FARM CAFÉ&SOFTCREAM. Don’t miss the rich ice cream made from fresh cow’s milk.(U,V)

Nihombashi Tendon Kaneko Hannosuke is a tendon (tempura served on top of rice) specialist store that serves only one type of tendon.(W)

They provide an amazing assortment of fresh seafood tempura. The popular Matsudo Tomita Seimen offers various types of ramen using noodles freshly made every morning. Make sure you visit this ramen store.(X)

Full of facilities that make it enjoyable to bring your children

Even if your children get bored of shopping, there’s nothing to worry about. The various facilities that help when visiting with children include play spaces where children can move around. Inside, there are small-size toilets for use by children, and the nursing rooms include private rooms and hot-water supply for milk production. There are areas for changing diapers and clothes, which is reassuring when visiting with infants.

Kids' park where children can have fun
Kids’ park where children can have fun

What is Mitsui Outlet Park?

Mitsui Outlet Park with illuminations

Enjoy shopping in comfort for high quality Japanese and international brands at Mitsui Outlet Park. Local food and culture are also features of Mitsui Outlet Park, which makes it ideal for sightseeing, not just shopping. There are 13 facilities across Japan.