A must-have for flower viewing! Super convenient Wi-Fi app

Use Wi-Fi without stress with just a one-time registration

Spring in Japan is the season of cherry blossoms. Many people may come to Japan looking forward to cherry blossom viewing. “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi”, a Wi-Fi app available for free, will greatly support your trip in Japan.

We simulated how and where it is useful.

Narita Airport
Using it on your smartphone

You want to use free Wi-Fi when you start your sightseeing in Japan. At airports including Narita and Haneda and major stations of many train lines, by just opening “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi” app and tapping “Connect” button, the app automatically detects and connects to a free Wi-Fi available at your current location. In Narita Airport, by just tapping “Connect” in the arrival lobby, you can use a free Wi-Fi in all the areas of Terminals 1-3 *.

*For iOS, choose the SSID of available Wi-Fi service in the “setting”. The current state of connection of your phone including acquired SSID will be shown on the top screen. When Wi-Fi is ready to be connected, the “Connect” button will be shown in red.

When a free Wi-Fi is not available at your current location, tap the “Search” button, then it will show you the nearest free Wi-Fi spot.

Let’s assume that we are going to see cherry blossoms in Ueno Park, one of the most famous spots for cherry blossoms in Tokyo. The destination of this flower viewing trip is Ueno Park. If you access the website of “Skyliner” in the lobby of Narita Airport, a limited express train that takes you to Ueno from Narita Airport in 43 minutes, you can get the information of the schedule of Skyliner as well as the way to get to the platform and available discount tickets.

Timetable of Skyliner

Go to the platform of Skyliner according to the guide map. While waiting for the train, you can read up on the dos and don’ts of flower viewing in Japan and the cherry blossom forecast of different areas.

At the terminals of Narita Airport and Keisei Dentetsu Narita Airport Station where Skyliner departs from, the available free Wi-Fi services actually have different providers. But it won’t be a problem if you use “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi “. You can use a multiple number of free Wi-Fi services by registering only one time. This means you do not have to go through a user registration or check how to use it every time you connect to a different Wi-Fi service. “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi ” allows you to use compatible free Wi-Fi services without stress wherever you go, which is a great benefit.

Register before visiting Japan and use it as soon as you arrive!

“Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi” is available for download for free from Google Play and App Store*. Download at home, open the app and finish registration before leaving home. You have to be connected to a network until you finish registration, so it is safer if you do it before your trip. This allows you to use the app as soon as you arrive in Japan and it is highly recommended.

* Available at 360, Xiaomi, SnapPea, Baidu, 91 and Android in China

Registering in the app

Registration process is very easy. You can also easily register with your Facebook or Google + account. The basic pages that are frequently used in “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi ” are available in 11 languages including English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Thai, Malay, Indonesian, French, Spanish, German and Japanese, and from April 2016, Italian and Russian will be added.

Downloading “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi”

Check out the convenient map available offline!

Cherry blossoms in Ueno Park

Even in the area where Internet is not available, if you use the “offline map”, you can find a free Wi-Fi spot. In Tokyo, the maps of Ueno as well as Tokyo Station, Akihabara, Asakusa and Shinjuku are available. The offline maps that have been downloaded once are available to use without Internet, so you should download it before going to your destination.

Offline map (Ueno)
In Kansai area, the maps of Osaka (Umeda and Namba), Kobe and Kyoto are available. There are also maps of Yokohama, Kanazawa, Hiroshima and Okinawa.

After flower viewing, it is time for tea. We take a break at an open café in Tokyo Bunka Kaikan which has a free Wi-Fi service found through “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi”. We found a unique giant panda shaped sweet, so we took a photo of it and uploaded onto a review website.

Panda sweets

We head out to our next destination, Shinjuku, from Tokyo Metro Ueno Station. Changing trains is confusing, so we used “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi” to access the free Wi-Fi of Tokyo Metro. We also downloaded a convenient guidebook for sightseeing in Tokyo.

Tokyo Metro Guidebook
A guidebook for Tokyo Metro. In the subway system in Tokyo, a free Wi-Fi service for tourists from overseas is available at the major stations of Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines.

A great support for sightseeing in the city from gourmet food to shopping. Available areas are expanding more and more

In front of Shinjuku Station

We are going to meet our friend who lives in Japan in Shinjuku and enjoy shopping and gourmet food. Open “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi” in front of Shinjuku Station and look for the nearest free Wi-Fi spot. Using a chat tool in the Wi-Fi spot, we contact our friend.

Also if you want to use a free Wi-Fi in the city, convenience stores are a great option. You can connect to the free Wi-Fi from Seven Eleven, Family Mart and Lawson with one tap through “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi”. All three of them are nationwide convenience store chains, so they are easy to find and use, which is a great benefit.

Checking at electronic retail stores

We check souvenirs that our family asked for at electronic retails stores where a free Wi-Fi is available. We can send them a photo to check to see if the product is what they want, so we can feel safe when buying it.

The number of stores with free Wi-Fi is increasing, including major electronic retail stores and department stores. In Tokyo, the number of municipalities and shopping streets that provide a free Wi-Fi to show their “Omotenashi” (hospitality) to tourists from overseas is also increasing.

The night view of Kabukicho
We connect to a free Wi-Fi and look for a restaurant to enjoy gourmet food. We chose a Japanese cuisine restaurant on the website where we could see the menu and the atmosphere of the restaurants. We thoroughly enjoyed the delicious Japanese meal.

Downloaded 1.4 million times in the past 2 years. You are sure to find it a reliability resource once you use it.

“Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi”, released in November 2013, has been downloaded over 1.4 million times. Its developer NTTBP is a group company of NTT which has led Japanese communication industry from the dawn of the era. In addition to the convenient and comfortable experience the app provides, you can be assured of its reliability because it was made by NTT group, another factor increasing its popularity.

Downloading “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi”