Convenient and easy to use! Get a Wi-Fi card at tourist attractions and make full use of free Wi-Fi for 14 days!

Hot topic among tourists to Japan! Get a card at tourist attractions in the NTT East area and gain free access to around 50,000 Wi-Fi spots for 14 days.

Ginza, Tokyo
There are many Wi-Fi spots in Ginza as well

Wi-Fi service is a must-have tool for a pleasant trip nowadays. Whether its collecting information on tourist attractions or posting photos of gourmet food onto SNS, Wi-Fi service makes a trip more enjoyable. In order to help tourists from overseas get the most out of their trip to Japan, free Wi-Fi spots and Wi-Fi services that are only available to tourists from overseas are spreading rapidly in Japan.

Free Wi-Fi is also available around Akihabara, the mecca of pop culture.

Among many Wi-Fi services, the “0000FLETS-POTAL” is drawing attention because it has about 50,000 Wi-Fi spots in the NTT East area, all of which use high-speed and high-quality optical fiber. It fully covers eastern Japan from Hokkaido to Tohoku and Kanto regions, so service is available in Tokyo as well as other major tourist areas such as Sapporo, Yokohama, Yamanashi and Nikko.

Free Wi-Fi spot sign
The sign showing the availability of “0000FLETS-POTAL” is this sticker. This free Wi-Fi service is available in the whole NTT East area.

Anyone can use 0000FLETS-POTAL free Wi-Fi up to twice a day for 15 minutes at a time, and tourists from overseas get a great perk. If you use a “free Wi-Fi card”, distributed at tourist attractions in the NTT East area, you can use the Wi-Fi service as much as you want for 14 days!

An example of Wi-Fi cards
Examples of “free Wi-Fi cards”. Some cards make a great souvenir too.

Search for and connect to a Wi-Fi spot with just one tap at major stations and cities. Use the app to make your trip in Japan more comfortable and active!

Odori Park, Sapporo
Odori Park, Sapporo, is a popular tourist attraction.

The free, easy-to-use “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi” app is a must for anyone planning a trip to Japan.

The screen and the logo of Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi

“Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi” makes it easy to use many free Wi-Fi spots with different SSIDs, such as those at airports, stations and various commercial facilities, that work with this app*. It is available in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai, Malay, Indonesian, French, Spanish and German (as of the end of February, 2015) and it is very simple to use. Install the app, go to a Wi-Fi spot that works with the app and just tap “Connect”. It frees you from the frustration and hassle of having to go through a new setting for every Wi-Fi service, making it easy to connect smoothly and without any stress!

*The number of connections permitted and the maximum length of use varies for each service provider.

Registration procedure for Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi
Registration for “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi” is done in just 3 steps!

“Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi” also makes it easy to find a Wi-Fi spot in major cities and around stations. Make the most of your trip in Japan and access SNS while taking a break at a café or check tourism information while stopping to shop at a convenience store. More and more local governments and businesses are joining and the number of Wi-Fi spots is expected to increase even more in the future.

“Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi” is available on Google Play and the App Store. Download it before arriving in Japan!

*Downloading via Google Play is not available within China.

In order to use “0000FLETS-POTAL” free Wi-Fi for 14 days with the app, you need to get a “free Wi-Fi card” ID and password. You can do this in a few minutes by going to the website and filling in the necessary information. This enables you to use “0000FLETS-POTAL” for free for 14 days and connect to Wi-Fi with just one tap, so be sure to take advantage of this app when you visit Japan!

Check user reviews to get an idea of the service that’s right for you.

Information from reviews also gives you a good idea about which Wi-Fi service you should choose. How are those who have visited Japan and those who are planning to visit Japan viewing the “0000FLETS-POTAL” free Wi-Fi service? Here are their frank opinions posted on Facebook.

“I had the impression that the Wi-Fi environment in Japan would be out of date, but I feel that usable service has just become available. It would be better if the usage period was longer.”

“I don’t need to rent ‘Pocket Wi-Fi’ any more thanks to this service. Bravo! ”

“As the Tokyo Olympics approaches, this will become an even more important service for tourists.”

“I hope this service will still be available when I visit Japan next year.”

“This service shows a very welcoming spirit to tourists. I want it to last forever.”

“I am very curious to see where the service will become available next. I want them to keep increasing access points.”

“Awesome! I will definitely use it when I go to Japan.”

We gave it a try! Easy sightseeing trip to Asakusa in Tokyo and Nikko.

Tokyo Skytree
Tokyo Solamachi

Ms. Wang visited Japan from Taiwan for the first time, with plans to visit the Tokyo Skytree, Asakusa, and the shrines and temples of Nikko, a World Heritage Site. After enjoying the view from the observation deck of the Tokyo Skytree, she prepared to use the Wi-Fi service. Earlier, she had obtained a “free Wi-Fi card” at Tokyo Solamachi, a commercial facility located under Tokyo Skytree. All she had to do to get the card was show her passport. Easy and simple.

Ms. Wang entered the “free Wi-Fi card” information into her pre-downloaded “Japan Connected –free Wi-Fi” app. She followed the on-screen instructions, and tapped her way through the registration process in just 3 minutes.

Wi-Fi spots are searchable on the map as well.
Wi-Fi spots in Tokyo Skytree and Asakusa
Collect information at a café

Using the app, she first searched for a restaurant where free Wi-Fi is available. While having an early lunch, she uploaded the photos she had taken at the Tokyo Skytree onto her facebook page. She also did some research on how to get to the Tobu Sightseeing Service Center, in order to receive the discount ticket, available only for visitors from overseas, that she reserved online for her sightseeing trip in Nikko.


After lunch, she moved on to Asakusa. After sightseeing at Sensoji Temple and Nakamise, she received the ticket she had reserved at the Tobu Sightseeing Service Center in Tobu Asakusa Station and headed to Nikko on a “Spacia” limited express train. That night, she enjoyed the hot springs and a gourmet meal in Nikko.

Taiyuuin Mausoleum and Kouka-mon of Rinnoji Temple on Mt. Nikko
Nikko Futarasan-Jinja Shrine

The next morning, she stopped by at a tourist information center in Nikko and got discount information and coupons. Even if she had forgotten to get a “free Wi-Fi card” in Tokyo, she stilll could have gotten one at the tourist information center in Nikko! She decided to start sightseeing after looking up the highlights of Nikko at a free Wi-Fi spot near Nikko Toshogu Shrine, a World Heritage site.