Toilet seat with a washing feature (Bidet toilet seat)

What surprised foreigners most in Japan?

What are the things that foreigners coming to Japan were surprised or thrilled about? Over 150 foreigners were surveyed by a Japanese broadcasting station. The answers ranked high were: Bullet train, Cherry-blossom viewing, Bon-odori dance festival, Capsule hotel, Onigiri rice ball, Fake food sample, Fireworks and100-yen shop. They all are unique to Japan. But the number one answer was Toilet! How come “toilet” was the number one answer beating Japanese popular culture including J-POP and anime or Japanese food like sushi? The reason is multifunctional bidet toilet seat. By pressing a button, a nozzle comes out automatically to wash with water of comfortable temperature. Many foreigners marvel at the refreshed feeling they get and the Japanese unique idea.

Bidet toilet seat – Invented in the United States and developed in Japan

Bidet toilet seat was invented for medical purposes in the United States. Why has it been developed so much like this in Japan? Because it was developed for home use. A sanitary ware manufacturer TOTO monitored hundreds of people to see sitting position, how they use toilet seat, what is the temperature they feel comfortable and so on. They continued to make an effort to develop the bidet toilet seat, and finally “Washlet” was put on the market in 1980. In those days, Japanese style toilet called “Washiki” was the mainstream of the toilet. However, “Washlet” became instantly popular due to the Japanese people’s concern about cleanliness combined with the economic growth. And the features became more and more advanced.

Bidet toilet seat with full of amazing features

As soon as you go into the toilet with the latest model of bidet toilet seat, you will be amazed. The toilet lid opens automatically! Automatic door can be found everywhere in the world. But, it is probably only in Japan that you can find the toilet lid opens automatically.
The main function of the bidet toilet seat is washing. So the purpose is just washing, but you will see many buttons. That is because there are features other than bidet such as deodorizer, blow dryer, seat heating and many more. Therefore, there are buttons corresponding to many features available. Even for washing alone, there are features such as water pressure adjustment, nozzle position control and massage options. Users can finely adjust as they like. You may get confused by all those buttons. But there is no need to worry as there are illustrations on the buttons to indicate its function.

Illustration: How to use bidet toilet seat

Wash and clean by pressing the wash button. Adjust the water pressure as you like.

Stop washing by pressing the stop button. The nozzle is put back in place clean as it cleans itself.

Wipe up with toilet paper.

Flush the toilet.

The features vary depending on the model. Other features you may find are: high-power deodorizer, nozzle position control, massage option, device to make sound of flushing water, blow dryer, automatic flushing, automatic lid opening/closing etc. Take a close look at the toilet.

It is just a toilet, but it is a toilet.

In Japan, bidet toilet seat are commonly found at sightseeing attractions, hotels, department stores, airports and so on. You will find many types of unique bidet toilet seat from those with basic features to the latest model with advanced features. Although you may need some courage to use it for the first time, once you use is you may be hooked on it. Please experience Japanese toilet that was developed pursuing the refreshed feeling of the users.

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