Tokyo Girls Collection 2011 Autumn / Winter

The characteristic of Japanese fashion comparing to that of Paris or Milano is that the clothes for KAWAII generation, women in their teens and twenties, are always powerful! Another characteristic is that there are a variety of items with skillful tricks; they are easy to wear and make everyone look good just by wearing them.
Fashion weeks held in the five fashion capitals: Paris, Milano, New York, London and Tokyo are mainly for buyers and the press in the world to introduce the latest trends. Unlike those fashion weeks, the large fashion events held in Tokyo and Kobe are for fashion conscious girls. One of them is TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION. Many of Japanese popular brands and shops participate in this event. This unparalleled large scale event becomes a hot topic every time it is held.
Another one is KOBE COLLECTION. It introduces distinctive Kobe style with more than 30 brands participating from home and abroad. These two fashion shows will be filled with clothes that everyone would say, “I want to wear it!” or “I want it!” Check out the latest trends for girls at the two very popular events in which you can enjoy live performances by popular artists and everything about fashion including beauty: TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION and KOBE COLLECTION!

TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION (TGC) is drawing increasing attention from overseas year by year, and it has grown into an international festival. The time has come again; the 13th TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION 2011 AUTUMN / WINTER is going to be held on September 3rd this year.

The 13th TGC theme is:
“Smile for [   ]” Restoration of Japan’s vigor starts from girls!
What TGC can do confronting the devastation caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake is to restore liveliness and vigor to girls and make everyone smile. That is what “Smile for [   ]” represents. The blank in the brackets represents all the things that one can see fit to fill in the blank. It can be the person you want to see him/her smile: family, loved one, friends, people all over the world or yourself as well as a thing or an event.
Every time TGC is held, it makes news by offering hot contents reflecting the times including fashion, beauty, music and entertainment. It seems very promising this time again. The features are the models appearing on the runway that will be also covered by the media as a hot topic, the latest fashion coordination showcased by them and their hairdo and makeup. Everything would make you want to copy them from the next day of the show. More than 80 gorgeous models including Karina, popular actress, who used to be the top model of the Japanese popular fashion magazine “Ray”; Nozomi Sasaki who models regularly for the magazine “non-no”; Maki Nishiyama who used to be a contracted model for the magazine “CanCam” and other models who frequently appear on TV and commercials will brighten up the runway as well as the surprise guests.

Fashion brands that boast unshakable popularity at Shibuya 109 and fashion magazines’ favorite shops are participating to showcase all the Japanese real clothes along with many others. Participating brands include: CECIL McBEE that wants to have it all having cute, sexy and elegant taste and has been participating since the 1st TGC, MURUA whose clothes make you feel feminine just by wearing them, Lovedrose&Co and BEAMS,aqua girl ON THE STREET. TGC is linked with e-commerce which allows the audience to purchase on the spot the clothes showcased by models on the runway using their cell phone. In addition, TGC offers a variety of events including live music performance by popular artists and a charity auction.

The 13th TGC will have food and drink booths showcasing the specialties of the Tohoku region to support the recovery of the Tohoku region from the great earthquake. TGC has developed exclusive products to be sold at this event in collaboration with local companies in Tohoku. Smile Park set up in the community area in the venue is where you can enjoy tasty food and beauty before the opening of the fashion show. Other than the booth for the Tohoku specialties, there will be booths set by category: Eating, Beauty and Fashion. At each booth, you will find the latest information about beauty, pre-order sale of participating brands and more.

Access & Information

Saturday, September 3, 2011
Doors open 1:00 p.m. / Show start 3:00 p. m. (scheduled)
Venue: Saitama Smile Arena (Saitama Super Arena)
Address: 8, Shintoshin, Chuo-ku, Saitama-city, Saitama
Get off at JR Keihin Tohoku Line, Utsunomiya Line or Takasaki Line “Saitama Shintoshin” Station, right outside the station
Information on how to purchase tickets Official site


On September 4th, KOBE COLLECTION titled “the sun to women” will be held under the theme of revitalization of the world!

Kobe is an old port town. It has the tradition and elegance of having been the first to obtain Western culture. KOBE COLLECTION, the pioneer of fashion event in Japan, has been held semiannually since August 2002. What makes Kobe style different from the fashion in Tokyo is the air of tradition and class that daughters of good family create, flowery elegance and a little bit of conservativeness. Of all the styles for KAWAII generation, people can enjoy Kobe styles that are loved through the times and generations all at once at KOBE COLLECTION. Over 30 brands showcase their collections in the fashion show. The participating brands are mainly Kobe brands such as B DONNA, beberose and Dear Princess as well as overseas brands including ARMANI EXCHANGE and Tracy Reese new york. The models for the popular fashion magazine “JJ” which is known for introducing fashion in well-off girls’ style and guest models will brighten up the runway and the live performance by popular artists will liven up the event. Just like the previous KOBE COLLECTION, one of the features is again the modeling audition. The Grand Prix winner will be given an opportunity to be involved with the world promotion of a bag brand Samantha Thavasa and to model for KOBE COLLECTION overseas show as well as a cash award. This audition is known as the gateway to a successful model.

KOBE COLLECTION has many projects that are linked to local media or local fashion industry. This is another difference from TGC. Why don’t you receive energy sent from Kansai? “KOBE COLLECTION Market” will be set for the first time next to the venue and no admission is required to enter the market. At the Market, you will be able to see KOBE COLLECTION fashion show live on a big screen. And there will be booths of participating brands where you can purchase the clothes showcased in the show and the booths where you can enjoy foods, drinks and sweets.

This year, KOBE COLLECTION is titled “the sun to women.” With the Great East Japan Earthquake in the background, its theme is to get over difficulties once again and revitalize the world with love and hope. Also, since KOBE COLLECTION 2010 Spring & Summer, it is partially using natural energy to supply electric power for the event as an effort to give a thought to environment and new lifestyle. The objective of KOBE COLLECTION is not only bringing the Japan’s fashion culture to the world but also making a contribution to revitalizing the local area which is a big challenge. And in cooperation with local media, “Fukuoka Asia Collection” and “KOBE COLLECTION in Shanghai” have been held in March and April 2011 respectively. Following those, an event will be held this year in Okinawa in August and in Nagoya in October.


Date: Sunday, September 4, 2011
Venue: World Hall (Kobe Port Island Hall)
Address: 6-12-2, Minatojima-nakamachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe-city
Phone: 06-6292-1231 (10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)
25-min by Rapid Train from “JR Osaka” Station to “JR Sannomiya” Station
27 minutes’ ride to Sannomiya Station from Osaka, Umeda Station, via private railway lines other than JR
<Port Liner>
8-min by Port Liner from “Kobe Airport” Station to “Shimin Hiroba” Station
10-min by Port Liner from “Sannomiya” Station to “Shimin Hiroba” Station
10-min walk from “Shimin Hiroba” to World Hall


Date: Saturday, September 17, 2011
Venue: Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa Main Banquet Hall Hiten
Address: 3-13-1, Takanawa Minato-ku, Tokyo
5-min walk from JR Line or Keihin Kyuko Shinagawa Station (Takanawa exit)
(The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo is a 3-minute walk.)