What are the popular souvenirs?

Unexpected daily use product has ranked in! Don Quijote’s ranking of hot-selling products

A general discount store Don Quijote, known for its sales copy “Gekiyasu no dendo” (the palace of real cheapness), has 226 stores in total. Each store is filled with a wide variety of products being displayed from full body costumes to electric appliances in a wide range of prices. It is a shopping place that provides you with unique excitement. It gains popularity from foreign tourists as a store for souvenir shopping. Don Quijote has a huge following of the tourists especially from Asian countries such as China and Korea. High-quality Japanese sundries are very popular among them. And among tourists from European countries and the United State, Japanese iconic character goods are popular.

Don Quijote’s ranking of hot-selling products

【No. 1】Ceramic knife
Ceramic knives made in Japan are highly evaluated in overseas for the high quality and the sharpness. And it is especially noticeable that Chinese tourists purchase many of them at the same time for souvenirs.

【No.2】Brand name watch
High-quality Swiss watches such as OMEGA and LONGINES are popular. Many people purchase such watch in Japan as it is cheaper than purchasing it in their country.

【No.3】Japanese goods
Key chains with Maiko or Kimono, Maiko doll, welcoming cat, rice bowl, chop sticks, 侍(Samurai) T-shirt, etc.; small goods that shine with Japanese tastes are highly popular as inexpensive souvenirs.

【No.4】Brand name bag and wallet
【No.5】Japanese cosmetics (SHISEIDO, KOSE, etc.)
【No.6】Japanese digital camera (Canon, etc.)
【No.9】Chocolate (Meiji, etc.)
【No.10】Sweets with powdered green tea flavor
(Surveyed by Ginza main building)

Besides the above, MAXIM instant coffee, Nissin cup noodles, cheap candies and other food stuff that are preservable as well as Shiseido shampoo “Tsubaki” and toothpaste (Guard Hello) are also popular.

Don Quijote Data

Don Quijote Ginza Main building
Address: Ginza Nine No.3, 8-10, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6215-9688
Hours: Open 24 hours
Closed:Open year-round

Electric appliances made in Japan are overwhelmingly popular! Laox’s ranking of hot-selling products

Based at Akihabara, the Japan’s biggest “electric town,” Laox has duty-free stores whose main customer segment is foreign tourists. 70% of their entire customers are the tourists from China. Laox is also popular among tourists from Western countries such as France and Russia. Art crafts and sundries for souvenirs are available at Laox and many people purchase souvenirs all at once.

Laox’s ranking of hot-selling products

【No. 1】IH Rice Cooker
Products made in Japan are very popular among Chinese tourists because of the reliable performance and price. As the same kind of rice cooker is expensive in China, they purchase it during their visit in Japan

【No. 2】Digital Camera
Compact digital camera is a popular product and always highly ranked. Many people purchase a digital camera making sure it is made in Japan.

【No. 3】Video Camera
Japanese video cameras are always equipped with the latest technology and provide good performance. And this is the reason why it is popular.

【No. 4】Notebook PC, Tablet PC
【No. 5】Shaver
【No. 6】Electric thermos
【No. 7】Game console
【No. 8】Sphygmomanometer
【No. 9】Digital Portable Audio
【No. 10】GSM cell phone
(Surveyed by Laox main building)

Electric appliances made in Japan gain considerable trust in the quality and are very popular. Sales of tablet PCs are expected to increase in the days ahead. In addition to iPad, tablet PCs of Japanese makers such as SONY are gaining popularity.

Laox Data

Laox main shop
Address: 1-2-9, Sotokanda,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3253-9833
Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Closed: Open year-round
Access: 4-min from JR Yamanote Line “Tokyo” Station to “Akihabara” Station, and 5-min walk from “Akihabara” Station