2012 Tokyo Spring fashion snapshots

1.Ryo Hagiwara Sales 27 years old

The unique and loose silhouette with combination of black and white makes a playful style. This is a very Tokyo-like style mixing mode and street fashion. The jacket and the pants are from SHELTER. His carefulness for the details such as the plunging neckline, the length of the pants, the balance of the shoulder bag and the Adidas sneakers bought at a thrift shop is excellent.

2.Miyuki Yoshimura Public Relations 32 years old

This is an advanced level coordination making the items that anyone may have such as a regular black jacket or a hoodie look cool. The bag and the short boots in khaki and the T-shirt from the brand called “The Dayz Tokyo” with a simple design give an impression of the sophistication that an adult can have.

3.Yuki Kominato Public Relations, apparel brand 27 years old

This is a very feminine coordination wearing a dress in soft pastel colors, having a tannin-tanned bag and wearing a trench coat naturally. All of them are from “GRACE CONTINENTAL.” The characteristic of this brand is shown in the fine details of the dress such as the embroidery on the neckline, the hem and the flower design. Pay attention to the color coordination of the sandals and the nail.

4.Mai Shimura  Student 21 years old

This is a fresh-looking style with the pinstriped jacket and the tight chino pants. The violet skinny belt makes the style more fashionable. The rolled-up pants together with the shoulder bag with short handles are well balanced making her look slimmer.

5.Shogo Tanaka Public Relations, apparel shop 29 years old

It gives a light and sophisticated impression by wearing a denim shirt on the black outfit. The shirt is from the brand called “LABRAT.” The details of the shirt such as how the color of the sleeves is bleached, the trace of one pocket and the finish of the hem add the shirt a vintage look making the hand work of “Made in Tokyo” shine through.

6.Kim Rie   Designer

The shirt and the pants are from “BAUROUD.” The frills of the orange colored shirt are impressive. The simple looking tapered pants have frills at a position little lower than the waist line which makes the silhouette of the pants look neat.

7.Shun Kuriyama    Public Relations 28 years old

The T-shirt this slim man is wearing is designed by KAMISHIMA CHINAMI, a designer for lady’s clothing. He liked the print design which cannot be found for men’s. The balance with the silhouette of the pants is excellent. The leather bracelet from HELMUT LANG tones down the epicene in style.

8.Rieko Sato  Office worker 29 years old

She wears the maxi dress youthfully and casually with the bag and the high heel boots and also without making it grownup fashion too much. The shoulder bag that comes to the lower back makes the proportion in the straight-lined dress look good. The two-row necklace with thin chain is semi-custom made and her name is on the charm.

9.Takuya Kishimoto  Beautician 21 years old

Having an image of a European boy, he coordinates the vest and the shirt inside the balmacaan coat and the flat cap by choosing chic brown. The jeans and the sneakers emphasize boyish look. It is nice that the coat and the vest have matching covered-buttons. The colored hair seen under the cap matches with his skin color and gives a stylish impression.

Midori Nagaoka profile

Born in Tokyo; Works in Tokyo as a fashion stylist and fashion director for magazines, advertisements and public figures; expands her work to buyer, merchandising and public relations.