Experience the beauty of autumn in Japan

During the peak of the autumn season in Japan, the leaves of the maple trees and ginkgo trees turn red and yellow in concert presenting you with beautiful scenery at every turn. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with visiting traditionally famous places to enjoy the autumn leaves, but what about trying something different this year? For example, you can take a walk down historical streets and enjoy the autumn colors, and in some places you can take in a panoramic autumn view while soaking in a hot spring. There are many ways to enjoy the autumn leaves.

In contrast with cherry blossoms, autumn colors start from the north. They can be seen first at the beginning of September in Daisetsuzan, a picturesque spot for the viewing of colorful autumn foliage in Hokkaido, and then they move southward and arrive in Kyushu where the best season is at the beginning of December. You can learn about where you can enjoy the changing of the autumn leaves in advance by having a look at the websites of famous spots and by checking out the “autumn leaves forecast” on the Internet.