Hospitable Japanese-style beauty salons

Enjoy fine designs: The world of nail art

Nail art is not just about applying single colors to nails, but rather it is a fashion where women can enjoy applying multicolored varnishes, lame and jewels to their nails. This fashion has been incredibly popular in Japan for around the past 15 years, having initially been promoted by popular celebrities, and nail art professionals referred to as “nail artists” have appeared as the number of salons has rapidly increased.
Miss Takano from “TAT”, a wholesaler that deals in nail items geared towards professionals, explains: “Enjoyment of this kind of fine art seems to be unique to Asian women, including Japanese women. In Europe and America, most people still tend to go for single-color nail varnishes.”

“In terms of nail art, Japan is an advanced nation. The fine details of the art are at a very high level, and there are many people possessing skills like artisans. Nail artists even visit from overseas to study Japanese techniques. Compared with those in other countries, Japanese salons have particularly detailed customer reception and services. It’s not just about choosing a high level of design. The salons also carefully groom customers’ hands and nails, and some salons will even do eyelash extensions at the same time and give herb teas to their customers. I think this hospitality is another secret behind the popularity of nail treatment in Japan.”

So-called “self nail” options by which people can apply genuine nail art used by salons are also becoming mainstream.

“Another aspect of Japan’s appeal is the range of special items available, not just colors, but also brushes, stones, and so on. I think people enjoy just talking while looking at these items, so please feel free to visit us if you are sightseeing in Shibuya.” How about some unique Japanese-style nails or pop culture designs as souvenirs or mementos of your trip to Japan?

Eyelash salons whose staff have precise and careful skills

Japan’s beauty salon is not popular just for nail treatment.
For example, “eyelash extension salons” specialize in making people’s eyes bright and beautiful, featuring long menus including options such as hair thickness and length, degree of curl and designs, with treatments performed after listening to customers’ preferences in pre-treatment counseling. Eye-care is a pleasant process where the customer lies on a comfortable sofa. Above all, the focus on precise and careful skills for comfort and gloss are regarded as being unique to Japan.

Hair salons where you can relax while becoming beautiful

Hair salons also have many uniquely Japanese services. At many of Japan’s hair salons, a towel is placed on the customer’s face when shampooing, which is to make the customer feel warm and relaxed while they are being served. Perm and treatment techniques are advanced, and as well as your hairstyle you can also expect your hair quality to be improved. Many salons will also massage your head and neck after treatment. Receiving a massage after sitting for a long time is an exceptional feeling.

While the hospitality services will make you feel good, the Japanese style not only makes your wish to be beautiful come true, but also devotes plenty of time to actual treatment. When shopping in Japan, why not spend some soothing time at a beauty salon?

TAT Shibuya Store

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Chinese-speaking staff is always available at each store, and the Ginza store also has English-speaking staff.