Let’s enjoy a festival of sports in the world’s most enjoyable city

A “compact Olympics” in a city with advanced technology and safety

Tokyo has chosen as host city of the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympic Games . People in Tokyo are now showing great enthusiasm for the 2020 Olympics and Paralympic Games to be held in the city. Let’s take a look at some of the main features of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games.

To begin with, there is the concept of a “compact Olympics” where 85% of the competition facilities are located within a radius of 8km from the athlete’s village. Tokyo is aiming to produce an environmentally-friendly tournament – the “world’s most compact Olympics” – with short distances for contestants to travel.

The second point is Tokyo’s cutting-edge technology. With its concentration of Japanese science and technology, Tokyo has world-leading infrastructure and economic strength together with vast experience of hosting major international events.

The third point is Tokyo’s high level of safety. This metropolis has a low crime rate and is one of the world’s safest and most peaceful cities. Tokyo can surely be described as the appropriate location to hold the Olympics – the world’s greatest sports festival.

Tokyo: a convenient city that warmly welcomes visitors

When the Olympics and Paralympic are held in Tokyo, Olympics fans from around the world will visit the Tokyo metropolis to watch the games. Full of hospitality, Tokyo is ready to warmly welcome visitors from all parts of the world. With countless restaurants specializing in global cuisines, visitors can enjoy all kinds of foods here. Occasionally you might like to enjoy amazing dining experiences at one of Tokyo’s restaurants boasting three Michelin stars, and at other times you could have your fill of reasonably-priced yet delicious foods from local food stalls or izakayas (Japanese pubs) while mingling with Japanese citizens.

In terms of accommodation, too, Tokyo has a wide range of options – from first-class hotels and business hotels through to inexpensive family-oriented ryokan (Japanese-style inns). People of all nationalities can make choices based on their own personal preferences and budgets. This is one of the great things about Tokyo and Japan.

Tokyo also has thousands of convenience stores open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can easily obtain food and other necessities at any time. These convenience stores also have ATMs, which can be very helpful if you get stuck for cash. (Please check the link below for details regarding handy ways of using Japan’s convenience stores.)

You will be able to use Tokyo’s user-friendly transport network to get around easily and quickly when watching the Olympics. Tokyo has 13 subway routes alone, and more than 60 railroad lines in total. Station signs are displayed in English and Japanese (with Chinese and Korean translations in some places), and routes are color-coded, so transfers are simple and easy. Trains depart every few minutes at peak times, too, so it is no problem even if you miss a train.

A safe and peaceful Olympics

Incredibly, 2.8 billion yen was handed in to the Tokyo police in the form of lost articles during the year 2011. Japan is a nation of public order where there is a relatively high probability that lost property and articles will be returned to their owners. There are more than 1,200 police boxes and local police stations within the Tokyo metropolitan area, so you can feel free to consult with police officers if you have any difficulties or have lost your way. There is no need to worry about communication, either, as there are countless English signs in Tokyo, and staff at accommodation facilities and restaurants can generally understand requests made in the English language.

Tokyo: a city where advanced technology exists alongside tradition

Japan’s cutting-edge science and technology are concentrated in Tokyo. The New National Stadium Japan, which will serve as the main Olympics venue, will feature among other things natural lighting and ventilation, solar power generation, use of geothermal heat, and a cooling system using rain water, making full use of advanced Japanese technology that is good for people and kind to the environment. While Tokyo is home to Japan’s advanced technology, it also carefully conserves elements of traditional Japanese culture, including famous Japanese gardens dotted about throughout Tokyo. It is hoped that visitors will make use of the railroad network to experience the charms of Japanese culture while staying in Tokyo for the Olympics.

With its excellent convenience, cutting-edge technology and high level of safety, Tokyo is aiming to host the world’s most compact Olympics – an event that will be kind to the contestants and environment alike. Visitors from overseas will be welcomed not only by Tokyo, but also by Japanese citizens with their renowned spirit of hospitality. Visitors can have fun in the city itself while enjoying the sporting events.