Tokyo fashion report- Spring/Summer 2013

The season of brilliant colors is here!

For this year’s fashion scene in Japan, what’s going to be big right now is “Color”. Just like opening up a box of paints, it’s all about vivid colors, colors, colors! Pink, blue, red, yellow, green, as well as pop neon colors, seriously there are loads of beautifully colored clothes, shoes, bags and accessories glittering in the stores. Plus, patterns, patterns, patterns! Lots of printed designs abound. It’s definitely all about prints and beautiful colors that light up your eyes.

Just like in 70’s West coast America, big bright floral prints look adorable. Classic Japanese patterns that were once hard to wear have been reborn in a modern style so that by tomorrow you’ll want to get that look immediately. 80’s style graphic patterns of bold stripes and block checks are seen in the designs of all items. Following on, by layering popular checks and floral patterns you can attain the grunge look from the early 90’s. For the height of summer, ethnic and African prints are the standard, and refined prints and designs have become more prevalent.

In addition, clothes and shoes that use flashy metallic materials for impact are also in the stores, meaning that for this Spring/Summer, it looks like there will be a bright mood overflowing in the cities.

Sophisticated styles also worth checking out

For those of you who aren’t good with flashy colors, materials that give the feeling of “Transparency”, and designs that use lace should be seriously looked at. One of this season’s recommended trends is the use of soft pastel colors and whites in design to create a floating silhouette, giving the impression of transparency. Or you could also reduce the use of colors, going with high quality products that create a relaxed, loose silhouette for a wonderful style from which you can feel a sense of sophisticated luxury.

For this season, overall balance could come from short tops (jackets, shirts, jumpers, etc.) or alternatively with longer tops, both looks are perfectly valid. Especially for short tops, there are plenty of designs out there. Definitely try to get one item into your wardrobe. Then you’ll be able to enjoy this season’s brand of delicate balance.

This year’s keyword is “Mix”

For Tokyo street fashion, it’s all about “Mix Style”. Refined, stylish women are distinguished by their ability to arrange trends, music, culture and vintage pieces into their own style. Together with their own preferences for hair and makeup, their original style is made complete. This also functions as an expression of self-confidence for Japanese women.

For this issue, I’ll introduce to you a brand which is popular with such fashionable women – The Dayz Tokyo. This season they’ve gone with the theme of the “Playful Lady”, which uses materials that give a sense of transparency in their designs to express the image of a woman with a playful heart.

I’d also like to introduce one other shop which is popular with trendy Tokyo women called “The SHEL’TTER TOKYO”. Their global flagship store sends out in to the world their proposal of a new lifestyle concept created through the intersection of fashion and culture of “Dress, Eat, Play.” The shop interior has been renovated in the image of an old warehouse, which looks really exciting and cool. Stocking popular brands created by Baroque Japan Limited such as moussy, SLY, rienda, RODEO CROWNS WIDE BOWL, UNDER BAR RAW., TWNROOM, Avan Lily, Lilidia, ENFOLD and AZUL by moussy, being able to co-ordinate looks by mixing brands is an attractive point. Not just limited to apparel items, they stock a wide selection of culture and interior lifestyle goods so that you can be stylish across your entire lifestyle. There are also limited items only available in the store, so definitely go and check it out.

This season’s popular items are A-line dresses, shirt dresses and not suits, but casual sets of tops and bottoms called “Set-up”, and jumpsuits, that despite a relaxed silhouette, give an impression of adult cool. Usually having lots of assorted colors and patterns is hard to pull off, but this way it gives you a unified look for your whole body. For bottoms, slim pants, short pants and short skirts featuring loud colors and patterns are in.

The expressive power of fashion fusing the old and new of Tokyo

For this issue, I’ll introduce to you from the Tokyo collection a brand that’s popular with both men and women of all generations, “beautiful people”. The brand was established in 2007 by a design team headed by Hidenori Kumakiri, who built up experience as a pattern-maker for domestic and international brands like COMME des GARÇONS, ISSEY MIYAKE, etc. They’ve come up with a collection that, in addition to having a playful heart, is also delicate and fresh.

Their theme for this season is “Edo-style Trad.” Imagining a collection expressing a fusion of Edo period sophistication with modern traditional, you’ll get creations such as silk cotton Jacquard slacks inspired by the Oshima tsumugi weave (resisted yarn dyeing), trench coats evoking see-through tortoise shell, Indian cotton polo and Basque border shirts with block Edo stripes, peplum hemmed one piece dresses and blouses of thick silk and satin featuring patterns inspired by Imari porcelain that also evoke the quality of the pottery, snakeskin “setta” (traditional Japanese sandals) like the kind Tora-san (hero of the famous Japanese movie) loved but made with pop colors, shiny print T-shirts using foil versions of famous Edo-era “Kohada” sushi, all of which match the era’s mood with this season’s trends.

Stylist tips on item co-ordination

Now then, “What’s the best way to wear this year’s style of colorful fashion?” is our starting point. Firstly, let’s try to get some single colored items into our wardrobe. Adding white items to vivid colors is also a good starting point for beginners. Doing this will tone down the impact, making it look fresh. Another point is to then add another item, such as a knit, coat with some denim from your existing wardrobe to attain a mellowed mood. Also, wearing an item of a similar shade color to the rest of your look for gradation will give a refined impression. Large patterned designs can be work as one pieces, set-ups or jumpsuits to create a unified look for your whole body. When coordinating with other items, using a single color taken from the pattern is an easy way to make it work. For experts who are used to wearing colors, try adding hats, shoes and bags of complementary colors. The delightful addition of colors to other colors has become a fascinating fashion pursuit.

A more subdued look is also possible

For those of you who are reluctant to wear bold colors and big patterns, try to casually add to your existing monotone wardrobe some vividly colored bags, shoes, belts and other accessories. That will instantly give this year’s feeling to your look.
There are especially a lot of bags and shoes featuring metallic and neon colors, so not only are they okay for regular use, they’re also great for parties. There is also a rich assortment of shoes featuring charming designs and colors available this season.
When you get tired from walking during your travels, try switching to mode high cut heel sneakers.

Finally to accessories, and the must have items are big hats and big sunglasses. Colorful ones will definitely stand out this season. When wearing half sleeve tops or no sleeves, wearing bangles can also be fun.
For Spring/Summer 2013, what will you choose?

The Dayz Tokyo – Shibuya Parco Store

Address: SR-6, 16-15 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours: 10:00 -21:00
TEL: 03-3477-5705
Access: Shibuya Station on the JR Lines, Tokyu Line or Tokyo Metro Lines

beautiful people – Aoyama Store

Address: 3-16-6 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-6447-1869
Opening hours: 12:00 – 20:00
Access: Omotesando Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Hanzomon Line or Chiyoda Line

Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku “The SHEL’TTER TOKYO”

Address: Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku, 4-30-3 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, B1, 1st, 2nd, 3rd floors
Opening hours: 11:00 – 21:00
Access: 1 minute walk from Meijijingumae Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line / 1 minute walk from Meijijingumae Station on the Fukutoshin Line / 5 minutes’ walk from JR Harajuku Station

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Born in Tokyo, Midori Nagaoka is actively working in Japan’s capital city as a stylist and a fashion director centered on fashion coordination for magazines, advertisements and TV show personalities and so on. Applying her experience, her work has expanded to other fashion related jobs including buyer, merchandiser and public relations.