Delicious Hokkaido

See and eat fresh seafood at a morning market in the gourmet heaven, Hokkaido!

Standing in front of JR Hakodate Station, there are the murmurs of a crowd wafting through the air. The expectation grows as we discover that “Hakodate Asaichi”, one of the three largest morning markets in Japan, is unexpectedly close. Stepping into the market, the aisle is about 3 meters wide and each side is tightly lined with stores containing stands, and many tourists pass by. With a brisk cry of “boiled fresh king crab!”, there is a large pile of king crabs. White, shiny crabmeat peeks out from the bound-together legs. Your mouth would start watering as you imagine the taste of juicy crab meat spreading across your tongue.

Three stores away, there is salmon roe. Large, rich-colored salmon roe is now in season. You would never get tired of the popping texture and mild sweetness, no matter how many times you eat it. Plump scallops with shells, sea urchin in which the flavor of the ocean is concentrated, silver saury – they are all slightly larger than what we find in cities and all look really fresh. They all make a silent personal statement: “we are delicious!” Autumn salmon, which is popular in Asian countries, is also in season right now. Although “Keiji salmon”, a very rare fatty young salmon that is said to be found at a rate of only one or two per 10,000 fish, cannot be find , the fatty autumn salmon made us decide to have “butter sautéed salmon” at a restaurant when night falls.

The delicious smell of ramen comes from somewhere. Walking around since 7:00 A.M. would make you a little hungry. We decide to try “kaisen-don (seafood bowl)”, which is a specialty dish of the Hakodate morning market. In a large bowl, rice is topped with a variety of seafood items just seen in the storefront, raising the expectations. Although it is a little too much for breakfast, you will be 120% satisfied. This is the morning you experience “delicious Hokkaido”.

Hakodate Asaichi

Address:9-19, Wakamatsucho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido
Access:In front of JR Hakodate Station
Open hours:January – April: 6:00 – 12:00 (some stores close at around 14:00)
May – December: 5:00 – 12:00 (some stores close at around 15:00)

Impressed by deliciousness! Fresh vegetables and the rich milk of Hokkaido

In Odori Park in Sapporo, a spot that tourists visit at least once when in town, there is a famous food stall called “Corn Wagon”. The stall appears from spring to fall, and sells fresh boiled corn, potatoes, ice pops and snacks. If you visit in fall, potatoes are the best choice. Hot Irish cobbler potatoes with a soft, flaky texture are very delicious, as may be expected of the potato variety that boasts the no. 1 market share in Japan. “Inka-no-mezame”, a new variety of potato with a beautiful yellow color that has been receiving much hype lately, looks even more appetizing when boiled and topped with cod roe or spicy cod roe.

Not to be outdone, the corn is equally delicious. The fragrant smell of freshly-roasted corn makes our hearts and stomachs happy, and it is a perfect snack when we are a little hungry. Fresh corn grown in Hokkaido can also be eaten without being cooked. Since it is sweet and has soft skin, you can eat it fresh like a salad and enjoy its crispy texture.

Another surprising thing is the deliciousness of the fresh milk and dairy products. The taste of the milk and butter that are a staple of breakfast menus at hotels is exceptional. It must be because the cows have grown up grazing on spacious farms in Hokkaido. The milk has a rich taste and thick texture and, once you drink it, its creamy texture will gently coat your tongue and throat. “I didn’t know milk was so delicious!” would be your honest impression.

This butter and cheese from “made in Hokkaido” milk and the sweets that use it plentifully can’t be anything but delicious. The ice cream from a stall on a street corner is a perfect snack during a break from town walk. Its rich yet refreshing taste almost makes you go back for seconds.

About of Odori Park

Address:Nishi 1 chome, Odori to Nishi 12 chome, Odori, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
Telephone:011-251-0438 (Odori Park management office)
Access:Get off at Odori Station of the Subway Tozai Line, Nanboku Line or Toho Line

Places and tastes you want to enjoy in Hokkaido, plus direct shipping of local delicacies!

The impression after traveling to Hokkaido is that you can encounter sights and foods that fully satisfy you and make you glad that you visited. Such places include Kushiro-shitsugen Marsh, the largest marsh in Japan, famous as being a breeding ground of the Japanese crane, Otaru, where the scenery of its historic architecture and port create an exotic atmosphere, or Obihiro, a city known for its open and spectacular scenery and botanical hot springs, which are rare in the world. Each area has unique scenery and delicacies that can only be enjoyed there.

In East Hokkaido, where the Oyashio (which means “the parent that nurtures fish”) Current flows, you can enjoy plentiful sushi that was caught that morning and grilled or boiled fish. You can also eat a hotpot dish made with flavorful seaweed broth that uses local seaweed, and can finish up the dish by adding udon noodles or making it into rice porridge.

Fruits, including melons grown in fertile ground in the inland area, are juicy and have an earthy yet delicate taste. You should also try the various local dishes that use local beef and vegetables. “Delicious Hokkaido”, blessed with an abundance of seafood, mountain vegetables and other local delicacies – each ingredient or dish feels even more delicious when tasted surrounded by the beautiful Hokkaido air, lingering in your memory forever.

Bring the deliciousness you experience during your trip home as souvenirs! The first international door-to-door souvenir delivery service in Japan!

One more appealing factor has been added to the “sights and food” of Hokkaido: the International Door-to-Door Service, started by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau and other companies. This service enables tourists to ship delicious foods unique to Hokkaido that they want to eat again or bring back to their families as souvenirs. Through this service, Hokkaido-brand foods are directly shipped from Chitose Airport, Hokkaido by air, undergoing quality control that is only possible in Japan, and shipments can be delivered in as little as two days. Shipping costs are reasonable because items are shipped in consolidated cargos for frozen and refrigerated products. This service can be used in souvenir stores featuring a “HOP” sign. Products can be shipped to three areas including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, meaning tourists from these areas have obtained a wonderful advantage!