Beyond Japanese sweets! Discover the appeal of “Japanized Western sweets”.

Japanized Western sweets – pleasing to both the eyes and taste buds.

The classic Japanized Western confectionary item is definitely strawberry shortcake, which is a fluffy sponge cake covered with snowy white raw cream and decorated with red strawberries. It is a simple cake, but that is exactly why the flavors of the ingredients and the skills of the pastry chef are really brought out. The strawberries with their refreshing tart flavor and the smooth raw cream go perfectly with the soft sponge cake! It is the essential Western confectionary of Japan that is loved by everyone from children to adults.

HOTEL NEWGRAND’s Le Pudding a la mode

For those who are looking for a larger variety of flavors, there is “Le Pudding a la mode”, which is caramel custard pudding with fruit in an array of colors, ice cream, and raw cream. This is a hearty dessert conceived by a pastry chef of the long-established hotel, the “New Grand”, in Kanagawa Prefecture’s Yokohama City. The pudding is arranged with plenty of fruit including orange, cherry, prune, apple, and kiwifruit. It is a dish that causes excitement just with its extravagant decorativeness.

There are also many Western sweets that let you see delicate Japanese handwork. The Western sweets for adults that let you savor the aroma of cream and butter include the “mille crepe”, which is several layers of thinly-baked crepes stacked together with custard cream, and the yellow Mont Blanc, which is made with castella sponge cake and Japanese chestnut. They can be enjoyed with drinks such as coffee or tea.


Address:10, Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi – HOTEL NEWGRAND Main Building (1F)
Open hours:10:00 to 21:30 (L.O. 21:00)
Access: From Exit 1 at Motomachi Chukagai Stn. on the Minato Mirai Line: 1 min. by walking.
From Ishikawa Cho Stn. of JR Line: 13 min. by walking.
From Haneda Airport: about 23 min. by Limousine Bus, directly in front of the Yamashita Park.

Western sweets, which have made tremendous new developments with Japanese ingredients.

Matcha, which is powdered green tea leaves, is used in many ways like cocoa powder in Western sweets. You can easily find items such as Matcha ice cream, Matcha pudding, and Matcha cookies by taking a trip to any supermarket or convenience store.

Okoicha Langue de Chat “Chanoka”

Among the numerous Western Matcha sweets that are available, the “Okoicha Langue de Chat ‘Chanoka'” by the Western sweets shop “MALEBRANCHE” in Kyoto, is made with the high-grade “Koicha”, which has the true sweetness of Matcha. It is a white chocolate sandwich cookie where Matcha is kneaded into the langue de chat dough before baking. The aroma of the bittersweet Matcha blends in with the chocolate that melts in your mouth, and lingers on.

If you prefer a healthful snack, why not try a Western sweet made with fine rice flour instead of wheat flour? On top of rice flour absorbing less oil than wheat flour and thus being more healthful, those with wheat allergy can enjoy it without any worries. Rolled cake made with rice flour has a nice soft texture and the natural sweetness of rice. Rice flour cookies melt in your mouth and have a pleasant texture. Rice flour doughnuts feature a refreshingly new kind of chewiness.


Too adorable to eat! See how cute Japanese sweets are.

floresta’s animal doughnuts

To make sweets that are not only good in flavor, but also in appearance is the Japanese way. At the natural-oriented doughnut shop “floresta”, the animal doughnuts, which are doughnuts coated with colorful chocolate and made to look like animals such as cats, rabbits, and chicks, are popular. Their pop colors including yellow, green, and pink along with their comical expressions are unique. Fit the mini animal doughnuts right into the doughnut holes for an even cuter treat! It is also nice to know that they are made with natural ingredients such as vegetable powder and soy milk.

Hato Sable – pigeon-shaped cookie
Piyorin – chick-shaped pudding

There are more confectionary items that are very popular among both adults and children such as TOSHIMAYA’s adorable pigeon-shaped Hato Sable cookie, which is shaped like a roundish pigeon and the chick-shaped “Piyorin” pudding by Cafe Gentiane at JR Nagoya Station. Snacks that focus on cuteness can be found at Western sweets shops and cafes all across the country. If purchased as souvenirs, they are sure to be hot topics of conversation.
New Japanized Western sweets are being created at this very moment. Why not try completely new kinds of sweets in Japan – the land of Western sweets?



Address:2-11-19, Komachi, Kamakura-shi
Open hours:9:00 to 19:00
Regular holiday(s):Wednesday (open on national holidays)
Access:Few mins. by walk from Kamakura Station on the JR or Enoshima Electric Railway lines

Piyorin – chick-shaped pudding

Places to enjoy Japanized Western sweets!

Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store (B1F)

Going to department stores is recommended for those who want to see and compare various kinds of Western sweets including Japanized Western sweets. All lined up in the basement snack corners are Western sweets that have been carefully selected from across Japan by the sweets connoisseurs of the department stores. These corners are also perfect for finding Western sweets as souvenirs.

A cafe is a good place to go enjoy cake with tea or coffee while taking a break during your trip. Areas that are famous for having many cafes include Jiyugaoka, Harajuku, and Daikanyama, where the stylish shops gather. Establishments such as cafes that are popular with young people and Western sweets shops that have “eat-in spaces” can be found everywhere in these areas.

Premium Roll Cake (Lawson)

Western sweets offered at convenience stores are recommended for those who want to enjoy Japanized Western sweets casually. Treats such as shortcakes and pudding can be purchased at convenience stores for 150 to 400 yen a piece. Be sure to check them out if you see them out on the streets.

Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store

Address:1-4-1, Nihonbashimuromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Open hours:10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Annex 9F and 10F restaurants: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Access:1 min. walk from Ginza line / Hanzomon line “Mitsukoshi-mae” station
5 min. walk from Ginza line / Tozai line “Nihombashi” station
7 min. walk from Shin Nihombashi station
10 min. walk from Tokyo station (Nihombashi exit)

Lawson “UchiCafé SWEETS”