The Unique Art Museums and Museums of Japan

The Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum is the largest dinosaur museum in Japan, and one of the top three in the world.

A dinosaur professor greets visitors.

The Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum stands on a small hill. It was built when a full dinosaur skeleton was excavated in the city followed by many other fossils, is the largest dinosaur museum in Japan, and one of the top three dinosaur museums in the world. It is a museum filled with fun and surprises, holding exhibitions that are very easy to see and understand.

To enter, you pass through the entrance hall on the third floor and go down a long escalator toward the underground exhibition hall. When passing through the hallway toward the exhibition hall, visitors are greeted with the “Dinosaur World” zone, where over forty skeletal specimens stand. Inside the huge dome-shaped exhibition hall are thrilling exhibitions such as full-sized reconstructed dinosaurs and large images with dramatized footage, which let you see and feel just how big the dinosaurs really were.

When going up the slope toward the upper floors, visitors can see, touch, and experience for themselves the history of dinosaurs and nature on earth at attractions such as the “Earth Sciences” zone, which displays secrets of the earth’s formation as well as methods for studying geological layers, the “History of Life” zone, which takes a look at the beginning of life on earth, and the “Dino Lab”, where visitors can not only see the exhibitions but touch actual dinosaur fossils and take part in dinosaur quizzes with fossils using all five senses.

It is a museum that makes you want to take your time to explore, with facilities such as the museum shop that sells dinosaur goods from all around the world and a restaurant with a menu themed on dinosaurs.

Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum

Address:51-11 Terao, Muroko, Katsuyama, Fukui, inside Katsuyama Dinosaur Forest Park
Access:From Katsuyama Station on the Echizen Railway,
About 10 to 15 mins. by community bus or taxi

Many more unique museums!

A museum themed on one of Japan’s most popular dishes – ramen noodles. Here, you can try out ramen noodles served by popular ramen shops located throughout Japan.

The Railway Museum has thirty-seven overwhelming actual train cars including Japan’s oldest steam train and Shinkansens.

A unique museum that Kaiyodo, which is famous throughout the world for its elaborate models, built at the site of an old school.

“Adachi Museum of Art” – What Japan is All About

Dry landscape gardens

In addition to the gardens here being ranked Number One for eleven consecutive years by American magazines dedicated to Japanese gardens, the Adachi Museum of Art has a collection of a hundred and twenty works of art created by Yokoyama Taikan, who is regarded as the representative artist of Japan. This is the perfect place to get a feel of true Japanese aesthetics.

Pond garden
Juryu-an in autumn

The immense garden covering over a hundred and sixty-five thousand square meters consists of six gardens including dry landscape gardens that recreate natural scenery such as pond water with gravel and sand, and a pond garden where gorgeous carp can be seen swimming. From the “Juryu-an” tea house, red maple leaves can be viewed in the autumn and a white snow-stacked garden in the winter. Japanese gardens and tea houses are seen as works of spatial art in themselves, and convey nature and miniature worlds. When viewing at them from this perspective, they start to change in appearance through the eyes of the observer.

Yokoyama Taikan “Autumn Leaves”

In addition to its collection of over a hundred and twenty works of art by Japan’s representative artist of Japanese paintings Yokoyama Taikan along with many other pieces by contemporary Japanese painters, visitors at the art museum can see internationally-acclaimed works of art such as ceramics by Kitaoji Rosanjin.
With exquisite Japanese paintings and gardens, the Adachi Museum of Art is the foremost art museum where various forms of Japanese beauty have been gathered one place. It has also received the best mark of “three stars” in France’s travel guidebook “Michelin Green Guide Japon”.

Adachi Museum of Art

Address:320, Furukawa-cho, Yasugi-city, Shimane
Access:From JR Yasuki Station: About 20 min. by shuttle bus

Submerge yourself in Japan at art museums and museums.

A museum comprised of a building with a large roof reminiscent of a classic Japanese home designed by architect KUMA Kengo, who specializes in Japanese modern, and a Japanese garden that covers seventeen thousand square meters.

Nihonbashi Bridge

A museum with a full-sized replica of the Nihonbashi Bridge (you can actually walk across it!) and other realistic replicas as well as an abundance of documents that reveal Tokyo between the Edo era and the period of reconstruction after WWII.

A building museum with outdoor exhibitions that make you feel as though you are taking a trip back in time to ancient Japan. Part of the Edo-Tokyo Museum.

“Orbi” – the museum that lets you fully experience the great outdoors.

Orbi is a unique museum where SEGA, which specializes in entertainment, and Britain’s BBC EARTH, which has documented natural scenery all across the globe, have come together to present these natural wonders of the world up close without leaving the city.

Orbi consists of the “Animalpedia” screen, which presents wild animals in full scale with BBC EARTH’s extensive visual library and specialized expertise, the “Exhibition Zone”, which offers nine innovative visual experiences including “-89.2”, where sub-zero temperatures are recreated to show the lives of animals in polar regions, and “Theatre 23.4”, where there is a super-wide 40m×8m-scale screen giving off not only sounds and visual images, but also providing a sense of immersion into natural wonders with the use of wind, fog, vibrations, and even smells. The “After Show & Images” has a corner that gives visitors a peek behind the scenes of the museum’s visual images with BBC EARTH’s filming equipment and panels on display.
Please be sure to experience the first natural museum in the world that recreates nature in many ways.

Orbi Yokohama

Address:3-5-1 Minato-Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
Opening Hours:10:00 – 23:00 (Last entry at 21:00)
Access:Short walk from Minato Mirai Station on the Minato Mirai Line
About 8 mins. on the moving walkway from JR Sakuragicho Station

Other facilities that let you see the latest in technology.

A museum led by astronaut Mamoru Mohri, Chief Executive Director, that shows the latest in science. Attractions such as demonstrations of the ASIMO robot and the Geo-Cosmos, which shows what the earth looks like from space, are popular.

photo: OHTAKA Takashi
Gregory BARSAMIAN “Juggler” 1997

Famous for its unique approach to communication that exceeds the boundaries of science and art.

A science museum that lets you learn about space and science while having fun at the same time.

An experiential facility that teaches science and mathematics in an enjoyable way.

A science facility themed on light, sound, and entertainment using SONY’s technology.