The Summer Festival Season Has Come

What are Summer Festivals?

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Among the Summer festivals in Japan, the most recommended to travelers is the SUMMER SONIC festival. Inspired by the Reading & Leeds Festivals of England, which is considered as home of the outdoor music festival, SUMMER SONIC is held in Tokyo and Osaka at the same time, and the artists travel to both places to perform during the two day period. Both venues are easy to visit from the city centers by train within thirty minutes to an hour.

(C)SUMMER SONIC 2013 All Rights Reserved.

The highlight of the summer festival is concerts with various genres of music performed by world famous musicians. It is a great event for anyone who loves live music, or just wants to see popular artists. Just gather in the pit area by the stage, everyone feels the live sounds and beats of the performance.

There are more to the summer festivals than music: The event usually lasts for days with several outdoor activities like trekking and camping.
The FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL is held in Niigata, a little over an hour by Shinkansen Bullet Train from Tokyo, and this is the best example of such festivals. It is Japan’s largest summer festival, and for the period of three days, it features over two hundred groups and bands from across Japan and the world. The concert venue is located on the vast open grounds of the Naeba Ski Resort, consists of 7 main stages.

Many tents and open-air booths line up selling food, drinks and snacks, and participants enjoy live music with food. The entire venue is very festive with unique performances and decorations.

FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL allows all participants to walk up to the stage to listen to some music, dance around, snack and drink, and lie down on the grass at any time. This event gives you relaxation with live sounds under the blue summer sky.


Schedule / August 16 – 17, 2014 (both in Tokyo and Osaka)

[Tokyo Venue]
Location / QVC Marine Field & Makuhari Messe
Access / 15 mins. by walk to QVC Marine Field from Kaihin Makuhari Station on the JR Keiyo Line, 7 mins. by walk to Makuhari Messe

[Osaka Venue]
Location / Maishima Summer Sonic Osaka Special Venue
Access: 15 mins. by fare-based shuttle bus from JR Sakurajima Station on the Yumesaki Line


Schedule / July 25 – 27, 2014
Location / Naeba Ski Resort, Yuzawa-machi, Niigata
Access / 40 mins. by free shuttle bus from Echigo-Yuzawa Station on the JR Joetsu Shinkansen

The highlights of the two great festivals in 2014!

SUMMER SONIC 2014 is honored to feature QUEEN+ADAM LAMBERT as a main guest. The British band QUEEN, which still continues performance even after the death of vocalist Freddie Mercury, welcomes Adam Lambert as their new vocalist. The other big guest is ARCTIC MONKEYS, who are epitomes of the 2000’s. In addition to these artists from the West, there are also Japanese artists popular in overseas such as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.



Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

The weather is expected to be mid-summer heat. Proper preparation and precaution are recommended for sunburn, dehydration and heat stroke. Hats and sunglasses are essential items. Drink enough water frequently and stay hydrated, take enough rest , and pace yourself.


The opening of the 2014 FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL features the band FRANZ FERDINAND from Glasgow, Scotland, who are known for their “rock for the dance floor.” On the second day, watch performances by Canadian ARCADE FIRE, known for their elaborate play with multiple instruments, and on the third day, JACK JOHNSON, the king of surf music, will plays for tranquil time.




Tickets are available at ticket retailers in Japan, and packaged tours are availeble to purchase in oveaseas that include transportation to the event venues and lodging facilities along with the admission tickets. There are also nearby lodging facilities if you make advanced reservations.
Morning and evening temperature tends to drop. Proper clothing is advised for temperature change, rain and strong sun.