Shibuya Crossing

Many people may have already heard of Shibuya Crossing, crowded with people crossing, through popular films and video games. The opening sequences of films such as “Resident Evil: Afterlife”, “Lost in Translation” and “The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift” all feature this crossing.

The scramble crossing in front of Shibuya Station

They say hundreds of thousands of people cross Shibuya Crossing everyday. The crossing uses a “scramble crossing” system, where all the pedestrian lights turn green at once. You will be amazed to see hundreds or even thousands of people cross at the same time without bumping into each other as soon as the pedestrian lights turn green. Then, when the pedestrian lights turn red, cars start driving past smoothly as if nothing has happened.


At Shibuya Crossing, there is a statue of a dog that is famous as a meeting spot. This statue called “Hachiko” is of a dog named “Hachi”, the central character of the story the film “HACHI” starring Richard Gere was based on. It has long been loved by many people as a meeting spot in Shibuya. Also right in front of the Hachiko statue, you will see a retro-looking streetcar called “Tamaden” that once ran through Shibuya. It’s now being used as a tourist information center where an English speaking (resident) guide and maps in multiple languages are available. Staff members that speak other languages including Chinese and Spanish are also available on some days.

Shibuya Crossing at the entrance of Shibuya, the symbol of Japan’s youth culture. What will you do when you get to the energetic Shibuya Ekimae Kosaten, the symbol of Tokyo?