Evolving capsule hotels

Nine Hours, which opened in Kyoto in 2009, has received a high rating and maximizes function and appeal as a capsule hotel. Their concept is “the base of sleep”, and seeks to maximize the quality of your sleep, healing your tired body after traveling. During your 9-hour stay, you are allotted 1 hour to shower, 7 hours to sleep and 1 hour to get ready. The simple white-themed design of the interior and exterior of the hotel and the amenities give off a feeling of refinement.

Nine Hours has recently started providing service at Narita Airport. They are garnering a good reputation among visitors from all over the world because their floors are separated by gender and most of the instructions in the hotel are explained by illustrations, not written in Japanese.

First Cabin

Have you ever wanted to experience the comfort of sitting in a first-class or business-class airplane seat? Then you’ll be pleased to know that this capsule hotel uses the first-class seats of airplanes as their motif. Their name is “FIRST CABIN”, and they provide a compact yet sophisticated atmosphere.

Your first impression as you enter your room is that it is so spacious and clean that you wouldn’t think you were in a capsule hotel. The bed is of high quality and comfortably firm. Floors are separated by gender and the shared restroom and shower room are equipped with cutting-edge facilities. Amenities with a full line of skin care products will appeal to female guests. Currently they provide service in Tokyo (Haneda Airport, Akihabara), Kyoto, Osaka and Fukuoka.

What is unique about these hotels is that they have created new and appealing themes, such as sleep quality and a luxurious atmosphere, which capsule hotels were not previously known for. Capsule hotels have evolved from being just a simple accommodation to an enjoyable new experience in Japan.