Fun! Delicious! Let’s go to the museum of Ramen!

Recommended for those who want to taste a wide variety of ramen in a short time is Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum, where you can compare the tastes of 9 popular ramen restaurants on any given day.

Shinyokohama Raumen Museum

When you enter after paying the admission fee (310 yen for age 13 and above, 100 yen for age 6-12 and age 60 and above, free for age 5 and under), a town resembling the good old days of Japan stretches out in front of you. The lineup of the 9 ramen restaurants changes regularly and are specially selected to allow visitors to enjoy a wide variety of flavors of local ramen from different parts of Japan. They also have a mini-size ramen and the menu for vegetarian people.

My ramen kitchen

The “My ramen kitchen” service where you can make your original ramen set for 1,000 yen is also popular. You can freely combine the soup, noodles, sauce, oil and topping of your choice and take a photo of it at the end. This is great for a souvenir as they wrap it beautifully for you.

(c) The Instant Ramen Museum

Instant ramen is sold everywhere in the world now. “Chicken Ramen”, the first instant ramen in the world, was invented in 1958 by Momofuku Ando, the founder of Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd. At the “CUPNOODLES MUSEUM”, you can enjoy learning the history of instant ramen and the importance of the invention and discovery.

(c) The Instant Ramen Museum

“Chicken Ramen Factory” where you can make chicken ramen by hand from the ingredients and “My CUPNOODLES Factory” where you can make your own original cup noodles are especially popular. For children, an adventure playground “CUPNOODLES Park” is recommended, where they become the noodles of CUPNOODLES themselves in a large factory and experience the process, from noodle making through shipping. Admission fee is 500 yen for age 18 and above and free for age 17 and under. You should also stop by at the museum shop where there are items you can only buy here.

In addition, Ikeda City in Osaka has “The Instant Ramen Museum”, a sister museum equipped with the similar attractions. This museum is also recommended for those who are traveling in Kansai region.