The best collection of souvenirs of Japan!

In the Japan Souvenir Grand-Prix, Japanese foods and goods, in a suitable size and weight range, are chosen based on their concept, design, regional characteristics, price, taste and entertainment value. We will introduce some of the past winners as well as the Grand-Prix winner of 2015 chosen from a total of 478 items.


2015 Grand-Prix in the category of food and drink
Kikyou Shingen Nama Pudding

“Kikyou Shingen Nama Pudding” comes from a well-established Japanese sweets maker in Yamanashi Prefecture. This is a pudding with a fragrant aroma of soy bean powder and fresh cream, enjoyed with brown sugar syrup poured on top. The wrapping is designed to look like Furoshiki, Japanese wrapping cloth, and is very unique.

Sushi Candies

“Sushi Candies” from Osaka are made by hand, imitating real sushi by paying careful attention to the details for each piece. They look real and will surely make your friends happy.

miso dip

“Miso dip”, a sensational new seasoning made by a miso maker in Fukuoka Prefecture. Not only does it go well with rice but it can also be enjoyed on toast or as a pasta sauce.


2015 Grand-Prix in the category of goods and novelty
Fujiyama Glass

Edo glass is a traditional craft of Tokyo and you can see the craftsmanship involved when looking at the small replica of Mt. Fuji in the bottom of Fujiyama glassware.

2014 Grand-Prix in the category of crafts/ Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner Award

“KD Daruma” from Gunma Prefecture is a humorous piece of artwork where you assemble a daruma doll out of wood and cardboard. It comes with English instructions.

Gold- or Silver-lacquered iPhone cover

This is a smartphone cover where the traditional lacquering technique of Ishikawa Prefecture is applied to day-to-day items. The delicate craftsmanship is simply beautiful.

All of these are items that let you feel the spirit of Japan and will surely make your family and friends happy. Even if you aren’t able to get them during your trip, there are shops in major airports that carry popular items and you can purchase them there. Which one would you choose?