Fun to look at! Erase well! Japanese erasers

Japanese erasers have a reputation for erasing well. Erasers that can be bought for about 100 yen at any stationery store or convenience store work surprisingly well.Some of them feature shavings that are easy to collect and do not scatter.

Mirikeshi and Kadokeshi

A Japanese stationary company Kokuyo produces “Mirikeshi” and “Kadokeshi” for specific utilities. “Mirikeshi” is an eraser with five different widths that enables you to erase only one line according to the line width in your notebook. Since the corners of an eraser is good for erasing small spots, “Kadokeshi” is designed to always be capable of erasing small letters by connecting cubes to give it many corners.

Rice eraser
Sushi eraser
Maneki-neko (beckoning cat) eraser
Mount Fuji Eraser

In addition, there are many erasers with unique looks. IWAKO manufactures’ “fun erasers” in common items such as food, animals or sports equipment. IWAKO offers factory tours every Saturday (free of charge, phone reservation is required). You can see how the erasers are made and how they work.


Factory tour reservation phone number: 048-998-5502 (Japanese only. Reservation starts two months prior to the date of the month you choose. Reservations are on the first-come first-served bases. Children aged five or younger are not allowed.)

Address: 184 Oze, Yashio-shi, Saitama

Access: 15 minutes on foot from Tsukuba Express Yashio Station

Dessert erasers
“Swiss roll erasers” by Sakamoto (from left: milk cream, strawberry cream and chocolate cream scents, respectively)

Scented or colored erasers are also popular. Erasers are good souvenirs as they are small, light and affordable. They are available at supermarkets, department stores, and stationery stores throughout Japan. Find your favorite one during your stay in Japan.