Sunflower Fields Colors Summer in Japan

Akeno Sunflower Field

Akeno Himawari Batake (Akeno Sunflower Field) is located in Hokuto City of Yamanashi Prefecture, and is one of the great spots of the sunflower fields with the Japan Alps range in the background. A lot of people visit the annual Sunflower Festival that takes place between late-July and late-August with photo contests and local farmers markets.

Akeno Sunflower Field

Address: 5664 Asao, Akeno-cho, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture

Access: 25 min. by Kayagatake Mizugaki Denen Bus from Nirasaki Station of JR Chuo Line. Get off at Heidi-no Mura Kurara-kan stop, then 5-minute walk.

Admissions: Free

Hokuryu-cho Himawari-no-Sato (Hokuryu town Sunflower Village)

Himawari-no-Sato in Hokuryu-cho of Hokkaido is the largest with around 1.5 million sunflowers. They hold Himawari Festival during the high season between middle-July and late-August, when they create life-size maze through the sunflower fields and scenic rides through the fields. The fields are on the east-facing hill, the flowers will shine particularly beautifully in the morning sunshine.

Hokuryu-cho Himawari-no-Sato

Address: 143-2 Itaya, Hokuryu-cho, Uryu-gun, Hokkaido

Access: 40 min. by Chuo Bus Hokuryu Bound from JR Hakodate Honsen Line Takikawa Station. Get off at Hokuryu Chugakko Mae, and 3 min. by walk.

Admissions: Free (maze admissions 300 yen, the scenic rides 500 yen for adult, 300 yen for child)

Manno-cho Himawari no Sato

Maintaining sunflower fields is the municipal project of Manno-cho in Kagawa Prefecture on Shikoku Island. From mid to the end of July, about 250,000 sunflowers bloom around Honoyama Community Center. Sunflower related products such as cooking oil and dressings are also available at the local markets.

Himawari no Sato Manno

Address: Honoyama Area of Manno-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa Prefecture

Access: 5 min. by walk from Shioiri Station of JR Dosan Line

Admissions: Free