Attention-grabbing Japanese T-shirts

Written Japanese consists of kanji, hiragana, and katakana. Kanji is a logographic system that has its roots in ancient China, and hiragana and katakana are Japanese phonetic systems based on kanji. Kanji is the oldest system of all written characters in the world used today as well as the logographic system with the largest number of characters.

There is a large variety of tee-shirts with Japanese writing on them. They can be purchased in shopping streets and souvenir shops in major cities or at shops located in major airports.

Japanese T-shirts
T-shirts at Omoshiro T-Shirt-Ya at the Haneda Airport International Terminal

Here are T-shirts that have both kanji characters and illustrations on them. The “男前 (Otokomae)” on the left means “handsome guy”, the “侍 (samurai)” in the center is a general term for warriors who guarded members of the upper-class during the 16th to 18th centuries, and “江戸 (Edo)” on the right is the former name of Tokyo. It was the name of the city until the late nineteenth century and there are still many written characters around Edo that are reminiscent of Edo in this area.

Omoshiro T-Shirt-Ya

Location: Haneda Airport International Terminal Building, 4th Floor, EDO KO-JI

Colorful tee shirts
Colorful Japanese tee shirts

These tee-shirts come in varieties of colors and Japanese character prints. From the left in the photo above, 夢 (yume) means “dream,” 絆 is “bond,” and on the far right, 息子 means “son.”

Express how you feel about your friends in Japanese by giving them these shirts. There are many Japanese T-shirts to choose from.