Make yourself beautiful with Wa Cosme!

The term ‘Wa Cosme’ is derived from ‘Wa’, meaning Japanese, and ‘cosmetics’, and is used to describe skin-care products that are made from natural ingredients and use ancient Japanese wisdom. The distinctly Japanese packaging adds to its appeal. Cosmetic brands are growing in popularity in Japan and the hottest one at the moment is “Wa Cosmetics”. It uses natural ingredients that have been used for beauty care in Japan for generations.

Wa Cosmetics 1
(left) “Oshima Tsubaki Tsubaki Abura 100% (camellia oil)” from Oshima Tsubaki, (right) “Bijin Nuka (rice bran)” from REAL

For instance, Tsubaki Abura, or camellia oil, has traditionally been used to maintain glossy hair. The oil extracted from the seeds of the camellia retains moisture and can be used not only for hair but also on the skin. Rice bran, the substance created when brown rice is polished, was once used as laundry soap in Japan, but women during the Edo period (early 17th century – mid 19th century) are also said to have scrubbed their face with rice bran-filled bag. Cloth bags filled with rice bran extract are still being sold today because of their moisturizing and whitening effects.

Wa Cosmetics 2
From left, “NAMERAKAHONPO Koi Cream NA (deep moisturizing cream)” from SANA, “Shizen Gokochi Cha Sengan Sekken (tea face wash soap)” from Cow Brand Soap Kyoshinsha, “Nihonshu no Keshoshui (sake lotion)” and “Nihonshu no Nyueki (sake skin milk)” both from Kikumasamune

Basic skin care products that use Japanese drinks that have existed for a long time such as soymilk, green tea and sake are also produced by a variety of makers. These drinks contain amino acids, mineral that are considered to be good for health and isoflavone and vitamin C that are said to have good effects on beautiful skin. Japanese researchers that study beauty applied these ingredients to cosmetics. However, those who have allergy have to be careful as they sometimes can cause a reaction with the skin of some people.

Most Wa Cosmetics with which you can feel the tradition of Japan are available for purchase at drugstores, department stores and airports. They are practical souvenirs not only for you but also for your family and friends, making everyone happy.