Cartoon and anime characters coming to life!

Have you ever heard of a 2.5 Dimensional Musical? It is all the rage now in Japan.It is a theatrical production based on the stories of cartoons, anime and games. It is called ‘2.5 Dimensional Musical’ because it represents the 2-Dimensional world on stage in a more authentic way. It is a lot of fun to see characters from your favorite cartoons appear before you eyes, actually moving and talking, making this a must-see performance for all fans.

Stage [Yowamushi Pedal]
Stage [Yowamushi Pedal]. Performance of the new episode scheduled from October to November, 2015
©WW(AS)’08 ©WW(AS)’08/MA・TH・DL
Live Spectacle NARUTO-火影忍者-
Live Spectacle NARUTO-火影忍者-, performed from March to June, 2015
©KM, S/S/LSN 2015
MUSICAL THE PRINCE OF TENNIS 3rd SEASON SEIGAKU vs FUDOMINE, performed from February to May, 2015

Some of the most popular performances include “Live Spectacle NARUTO”, which shows the Ninja characters performing cool moves, and “THE PRINCE OF TENNIS: THE MUSICAL”, which creates a realistic scene with simple props and set including tennis rackets, a court, benches and light effects. The newest episodes of “THE PRINCE OF TENNIS: THE MUSICAL”, “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Musical” and “Stage [Yowamushi Pedal]” are scheduled to be performed in autumn 2015.

AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo
AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo, a theater only for 2.5-Dimensional Musical
Subtitle glasses
Multilingual subtitle glasses are available for rent

You can check the show schedule on the website of the 2.5 Dimensional Musical Association. You can purchase tickets of some of the shows from the website. If you encounter problem purchasing tickets on the website, please check the official website of each performance.

Although they perform all over Japan, a new theature opened in March 2015 in Shibuya (Tokyo) called “AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo” which only shows the 2.5 Dimensional Musical. In this theater, subtitle glasses are available for rent (1,000 yen) with up to 4 subtitle languages available (subtitle languages and the number of languages vary for each performance).

The 2.5 Dimensional Musical offers you exciting and spectacular experience the likes of which you have never experienced before. Come to Japan and enjoy this new genre, the world of 2.5 Dimensional Musical!

Top image: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Musical ©T・P/MSM2014