Mobile communication service will become more readily available!

Image of using a communication terminal outside

When uploading photos on SNS, looking up store information, etc., smartphones and tablets are indispensable items for today’s travel. To serve such travelers’ needs, public wireless LAN spots that foreign tourists can use for free are rapidly increasing in Japan.

There are three major services that are available: “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi” and “TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi”, which can both be used by downloading an app, and “FREE Wi-Fi PASSPORT”, which one can connect to by entering a password obtained by calling a special phone number. These services are offered free of charge at airports, train stations, commercial facilities, hotels, and major tourist spots.

SIM card and mobile Wi-Fi router
SIM card (left) and mobile Wi-Fi router

In the meantime, SIM cards and mobile Wi-Fi routers are useful in areas where free public wireless LAN signals are not available.

Japan Tourism Agency will run the JAPAN Mobile Week campaign from Dec. 21, 2015 to Jan. 21, 2016, to promote the use of SIM cards and Wi-Fi routers. During the campaign, SIM cards and mobile Wi-Fi routers will become more readily available at a number of locations, such as airports and convenience stores in town. You can also receive novelty items.

JAPAN Mobile Week

Period: Dec. 21, 2015 – Jan. 21, 2016

A SIM card is a small IC card used by inserting into a communication device, such as a smartphone. It is easy to carry around and enables you to communicate with ease, as if you were in your home country. A SIM card for travelers is usually a pre-paid type in which its service period and data communication capacity are predetermined.

A Mobile Wi-Fi router is a small communication device that can connect multiple communication terminals, such as smartphones and tablets to the Internet. It is convenient when you are out with a group of people. The router for travelers is rented out for a specified period of time.

As Japan generally has excellent mobile phone access compared to the rest of the world, if you have a SIM card or a mobile Wi-Fi router, communication is likely to be stress-free. Together with the public wireless LAN, take advantage of a range of communication services that suit your travel style.