Let’s experience staying in the near future at this eccentric hotel, “Henn-na Hotel”

“Henn-na Hotel” opened in 2015 in “HUIS TEN BOSCH”, a theme park in Nagasaki Prefecture in Kyushu. It is said that this hotel is one of the most unique hotels in the world which uses the most advanced technology, but what is it like to stay there?

Porter robots
Porter robots carry luggage for you
Face authentication system
Unlock with the face authentication system

When we got to the front desk of the hotel, two robots, a lady-type and a dinosaur-type, surprisingly welcomed us. The dinosaur-type robot is bilingual who speaks English and Japanese. We finished the check-in procedure according to the guidance, held a room card over the authentication device in front of our room and the face authentication was completed. You can unlock the door of your room with the face authentication during your stay. Robots also work to carry your luggage or to keep it temporarily. When you have needs that robots cannot handle, you can also call human staff.

Radiating panel and concierge robot
The wall in the back center is the radiating panel. On the front left is the concierge robot.

Once you unlock the door of your room with the face authentication system and go inside, the lights turn on automatically. They turn on and off automatically with a motion sensor. The air conditioner uses a radiating panel, which has an excellent energy efficiency, and controls the room temperature with radiant heat. All the guest rooms are equipped with a concierge robot that can communicate with you and respond to orders of turning on and off lights and other electronic devices. You use a tablet to contact the front desk and watch TV. The new building, which will open in March, 2016, uses local wood from Kyushu for building materials and part of the electricity is going to be generated by hydrogen energy.

“Henn-na-Hotel”, where a variety of robots actively work, is a near-future hotel that keeps evolving aiming at better efficiency and the protection of the environment. Why don’t you stay at this hotel where the most advanced technology is fully highlighted?

Henn-na Hotel

Address: 6-5 Huis Ten Bosch-cho, Sasebo City, Nagasaki

Phone: 0570-064-110 (0956-27-0526 from outside Japan)

Directions: About 15 min. walk from JR Huis Ten Bosch Station. Pick up service available from the “Hotel Baggage Office” in front of the entrance of HUIS TEN BOSCH, which is 5 min. walk from the same station.