Amazing and impressive cleaning procedure of Shinkansen!

Tokyo Station is the terminal station of Shinkansen, which connects Tokyo and other areas of Japan. The train comes into the Shinkansen platforms in every 4 minutes at the busiest time.

What’s amazing is that the inside of the cars gets cleaned beautifully by professional staff in as little as 12 minutes, the time the arriving train departs again. It actually takes about 5 of the 12 minutes for the passengers to get on and off the train, so the cleaning time allowed is only 7 minutes. The procedure to clean all the areas inside the cars, seats, restrooms and washrooms is being praised among tourists from overseas. Let’s take a look at how it looks.


Cleaning crew members in their uniform aline. They bow and welcome the passengers when a Shinkansen arrives.

Collect trash

They greet the passengers getting off the train, saying “Thank you very much”. They collect trash from the passengers in front of some cars.

Confirm safety

They confirm safety by pointing to necessary directions before getting on the train.

Pick up trash

They pick up big trash first inside the cars and then change the direction of the seats.

Clean the seats

They open the tables next, quickly wipe off dirty spots on them and also clean the windows carefully. They brush off small dust on the seats and check to see if there is anything left on the seats and the luggage racks above at the same time.

Clean the floor
Change the covers

They clean the floor using a vacuum cleaner and a mop and then change the covers of the back of the seats and straighten them up at the end. Specialized staff members clean the restrooms and washrooms.


When all the cleaning finishes and everything is ready to welcome passengers, they line up in front of the cars and bow. This is the end of one cleaning cycle.

The way they work in the prompt, careful and accurate manner is like watching a beautiful performance. It shows their pride in their job and their Omotenashi spirit. You should pay attention the cleaning crew as well when you use Shinkansen during your trip in Japan.