You should definitely taste these when you go to the Tohoku region! Delicious sweets

Aomori Prefecture/ Kininaru Ringo (Ragueneau)

Kininaru Ringo

This is an apple pie where a whole “Fuji” apple grown in Aomori is pickled in syrup and then wrapped in pie crust and baked as pie. You can enjoy the crunchy texture.

Main seller

AOMORI SHUNMI-KAN in Shin-Aomori Station Building

Address: 140-2 Takama, Ishie, Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture

Iwate Prefecture / Hiraizumi Ogon Baum (Brugge)

Ogon Baum

This is baumkuchen produced in association with Hiraizumi in Iwate Prefecture where a culture of gold flourished in old times. Its coating shining in gold is so impressive.

Main seller

Sankozo Shop, Chuson-ji Temple

Address: 202 Hiraizumi-koromonoseki, Hiraizumi-cho, Nishiiwai-gun, Iwate Prefecture

Akita Prefecture/ Sakura Jelly (Kashiho Eitaro)

Sakura Jelly

This is an elegant pink jelly with a cherry blossom in it. Sold during a limited period of time from around December to May.

Main seller

Eitaro, Akita Station Topico Shop

Address: Station Building Topico, 7-1-2 Nakadori, Akita City, Akita Prefecture

Miyagi Prefecture/ Zunda Shake (Zunda Saryo)

Zunda Shake

“Zunda”, sweet bean paste made from mashed edamame beans, is a traditional food of Miyagi Prefecture. This vanilla-flavored milk shake has Zunda blended in.

Main seller

Zunda Saryo, Sendai Station Zunda Komichi Shop

Address: Sendai Station 3F “Zunda Komichi” , 1-1-1 Chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture

Yamagata Prefecture/ Petitjelly Cherry (Saegusa Factory)

Petitjelly Cherry

This is a sweet where a whole cherry grown in Yamagata Prefecture is cooked in syrup and then coated in jelly. It is recommended to eat it half frozen.

Main seller

Onuma Department Store, Yamagata Main Shop

Address: 1-2-30 Nanoka-machi, Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture

Yamagata Airport

Fukushima Prefecture/ Kagunokinomi (Honke Nagatoya)


This is a bite-size sweet where a whole local Manchurian walnut is wrapped in bean paste and brown cane sugar is sprinkled on the outside. The body of slightly bitter walnut and elegant sweetness of the bean paste and brown cane sugar match in perfect harmony.

Main seller

Honke Nagatoya Main Shop

Address: 2-10 Kawara-machi, Aizu-Wakamatsu-City, Fukushima Prefecture

All of them are made with creative ideas in terms of taste and design. Some of them are available at stores other than the ones listed here such as local department stores and shops selling local specialties in Tokyo. But why don’t you travel to Tohoku region and taste these sweets in their local areas?