The popular confectioneries and sweets that you definitely want to try when visiting Kyushu

Fukuoka Prefecture / Meika Hiyoko

“Meika Hiyoko” Sweets are chick-shaped buns that were born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1912. The wheat flour crust is filled with a yellow jam made of kidney beans. The texture is smooth and the jam inside is slightly sweet.

Meika Hiyoko

Saga Prefecture / Saganishiki

A famous Japanese-Western fusion confection where soft steamed cake blended with beans and chestnuts is sandwiched with beautifully-striped thin baumkuchen. The contrast between the crisp baumkuchen and the soft cake inside gives it a pleasant texture.


Nagasaki Prefecture / Castella

The recipe for Castella was introduced to Japan from Portugal in around the late 16th century and modified in Nagasaki. Castella has a smooth texture and elegant sweetness with a beautiful golden yellow cut surface.


Oita Prefecture / Tenku Yakiamaou

“Tenku Yakiamaou” is a baked confection made with plenty of the popular “Amaou” strawberries. The sweet flavor of the strawberries goes well with the jam and paste made with plenty of Amaou strawberries when the cake that surrounds them is baked.

Tenku Yakiamaou

Kumamoto Prefecture / Fuga-maki

“Fuga-maki” is a famous treat of Kumamoto Prefecture where a stick-shaped bean confection is wrapped with famous laver from the Sea of Ariake, which is known for its softness. The flavor of the laver and texture of the bean confection go so well together that you will not be able to stop once you start eating it.


Miyazaki Prefecture / Nanjakorya Daifuku

Daifuku, which is rice cake filled with bean jam, is a traditional Japanese treat. “Nanjakorya Daifuku” is a large Daifuku filled with ingredients such as strawberries, chestnuts, and cream cheese. You will be surprised at not only their fillings, but deliciousness as well. This is a popular treat of Miyazaki Prefecture.

Nanjakorya Daifuku

Kagoshima Prefecture / Karukan manju

“Karukan manju” is “karukan” confection made with rice flour and natural yam known as “Jinensho” filled with sweet boiled bean paste. The Karukan manju outside is deliciously soft and tender.

Karukan manju

All of these treats are carefully prepared and are recommended gifts to take back from your trip to Kyushu.

Some of them are available not only at the shops listed here but at locations such as department stores and souvenir shops as well. The confections of Kyushu are delicious. Be sure to visit Kyushu and find your favorite sweets!