Impressive Japanese origami which continues evolving

Origami is evolving

Complex origami refers to a three dimensional piece of work completed by “folding” a piece of paper based on mathematical theory. After coming up with the image of what you want to create, you make a “crease pattern” which indicates folding lines according to the sequence of folding the paper. The process of creating a “crease pattern” is referred to as “design”. After making the development you carefully follow its folding lines to turn it into a piece of work. Let’s take a look at amazing works of origami which may be hard to believe that they were made of a single piece of paper.

Origami chameleon

This was made by putting together two pieces of thin color paper back to back to make a single piece of paper and turned into a piece of work. The original square paper with the sides of 60cm (24 inches) became a chameleon with the width of 15cm (6 inches) and the height of 5cm (2 inches).

 Plain-woven origami

Tessellation origami utilizes the technique of weaving a geometric pattern which can be theoretically expanded infinitely on a plain. When lit up from behind a complex and fantastic pattern emerges. This piece of work which looks like a flower was also made from a single piece of paper.

Unit origami

“Unit origami” is completed by making a number of parts, all of which are folded in the same shape, and connected together.

“Folding techniques” applied in cutting-edge technologies

Origami’s folding techniques developed in Japan are now being studied and applied in various academic disciplines such as airbags, robots that change shapes and human body system engineering. Today the concept of origami provides useful insights in various fields and has the global attention. In fact the solar panel installed in the International Space Station was developed using the techniques used in origami. Origami is not just an eye-pleasing work of art. It is combined with technologies in various fields and put into practical use.

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