Experience the finest professional technique and hospitality at nail salons in Japan

The fine designs of Japan’s Nail Salons are gaining world-wide attention.

Make your nails beautiful with Japanese “Nail Art,” a popular way of vamping up your daily style. Nail artists use various techniques to create a unique work of art on each nail. Special gel polish is the base for adding the gems and 3D appliques that create stunning designs that can last for weeks. Any nail salon in Japan has a nail artist with professional skill and many nail artists from overseas also come to Japan to learn their craftsmen-like technique.

Nail art

Not only art but nail care and massaging skills are also excellent

You can experience Japanese “Omotenashi” or hospitality in the way they take care of your nails and provide services. For example, “Nail Quick”, a nail salon in Narita Airport, has a special machine which comfortably massages your nails along with taking care of the cuticles of them. They also have a service where they provide treatment from the tips of your fingers to your elbows after they paint art on your nails. There are a variety of nail salons all over Japan, including one where you can enjoy watching a movie on an individual monitor for your seat while having your nails painted and one that serves herbal tea and sweets after your nails are done. Each salon provides its own unique service.

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Nail Quick(Japanese only)

Narita Terminal 1 Shop

Location: 4F Central Building, Terminal 1, Narita Airport

Phone: 0476-33-8335(Priority given to the booked)

Open: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm

Open 365 days

Narita Terminal 2 Shop

Location: 3F Main Building, Terminal 2, Narita Airport

Phone: 0476-34-6056(Priority given to the booked)

Open: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Open 365 days

* Both shops have an English menu.

Let’s travel Japan with Japanese nail art on your fingers!

Current trending nail polishes in Japan include one called “Smoky Color”, which is a dull, calm color and a matte one that does not have any gloss. Designs where each finger has a different color or pattern or only one finger has glitter applied are also popular. It is fun to have your nails painted with a Japanese motif and boost your excitement in traveling in Japan. When having all 10 fingers painted with art, it can cost from around 3,000 yen to 15,000 yen depending on the nail salon and the details. Many nail salons display photos of sample designs and prices on the shop window. Check it first and if you like what you see, we recommend you try it.

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