The technique and quality of service are the reasons why it’s popular. Let’s go to a hair salon in Japan!

Popular overseas, too! Japanese hair straightening technique.

There is a national license of a beautician in Japan and you cannot work at a hair salon without it. Hair stylists have not only technique but also knowledge of sanitation management including chemicals, so it is highly safe to use a hair salon. One thing you should try at a Japanese hair salon is hair straightening.

Process of hair straightening
After softening the hair with a solution, they stretch the hair with a special hair iron for hair straightening. Photo by: UNIX

This cosmetic technique has developed in Japan in order to solve the problem of hair quality being delicate, stiff, thick and difficult to manage. With the Japanese hair straightening technique, the hair turns out well and the style lasts long. It became popular in major cities such as New York and London where they pay close attention to the latest cosmetic techniques. It is appealing that you can try this hair straightening at a relatively reasonable price in Japan, from around 10,000 yen to 20,000 yen (including a hair cut).

Refresh yourself with a massage after a hair cut

Hair consultation and cut at a hair salon  Photo by: UNIX
Hair consultation and cut at a hair salon Photo by: UNIX

“Customers from overseas seem to like the cleanliness and detailed service that hair salons in Japan have provided”, says Mr. Onaka of UNIX KIRARITO Ginza Branch. They use shampoo with fragrances of aroma. Before giving a hair cut, they provide a detailed consultation about your hair quality and hair styles that suit you. After the hair cut, they advise you how to dry your hair and give you tips for hair styling. In Japanese salons, they give you a simple massage on your shoulders and head after shampoo or a hair cut as a basic service. This usual service in Japan leads to a higher satisfaction among visitors from overseas. UNIX also offers an optional Ayurveda massage, a traditional medicine of India.

Photo Left. A private room for female Muslim customers (Solpisca), Photo Right. A Muslim woman
Photo Left. A private room for female Muslim customers (Solpisca), Photo Right. A Muslim woman

English is becoming available at more and more salons these days and a hair salon for female Muslim customers also opened in Tokyo. Solpisca Beauty Salon for Muslimah in Ebisu, famous as a fashionable area in Tokyo, is the only hair salon in Japan that has a private room for female Muslim customers. Make a reservation using the reservation form on their homepage and you can reserve a private room with a prayer space, with an additional fee of 1,080 yen.You can put a rug behind the chair when praying. The room has a shampoo sink and chair, so you do not need to leave the room until you finish. A female stylist will take care of your hair. They use a halal shampoo which does not contain ingredients derived from pigs or alcohol. The salon also has a great access, being located in 4 minutes walk from Ebisu Station.

The key for enjoying a hair salon is to spare plenty of time for it. Add a little more luxurious menu to a simple hair cut and indulge yourself in a rich and relaxing time.