The Surprising Evolution of Soy Sauce

Often confined to supporting roles, soy sauce has many underrated properties.

Most of us know soy sauce as the black, salty and distinctive-tasting sauce that we dip sushi in. While soy sauce would seem to have only a secondary role, it has, in fact, plenty of amazing properties. For example, a few drops of this sauce can mitigate the smell of certain ingredients or bring out the sweetness of others. When used for marinating food, it slows down the decaying process. Not to mention its nutritional value.

In addition to vitamin B2 and B6, soy sauce is also rich in essential vitamins and minerals of which are hard to get an adequate intake, such as magnesium, potassium, zinc and more. (However, being high in salt content, you should be careful not to overuse it.)

Pink soy sauce on a soy sauce cake? Some surprising variations

Generally speaking, soy sauce is used as a condiment on boiled vegetables, meat and fish, as well as for seasoning the broth of udon and soba noodles. There are, however, some surprising variations.

Pink soy sauce

As its name suggests, “Pink soy sauce Hana lady ROSE”, is a pink-colored soy sauce! While its distinctive color comes from the bright red vegetables and beets used in making it, it has the same taste as ordinary black soy sauce. Perfect for serving on immaculately white tofu.

Taberu dashi-shoyu (soy-sauce broth dipping sauce)

“Taberu dashi Edible Soy Sauce Soup Stock” is a sumptuous delicacy made by marinating soybeans and malted rice in a special soy-based sauce and then mixing them with koji and bonito flakes. It is produced exclusively with ingredients grown in Japan. It’s ideal as a dipping sauce for vegetable sticks or chicken steak!

Soy Sauce Roll with granulated sugar

“Soy Sauce Roll Cake” is a soy sauce flavored roll cake produced by a food manufacturer in Japan. One of the major soy sauce companies developed a special soy sauce that matches perfectly with sweets. Mitarashi Dango, is widely known as a traditional Japanese sweet. On the other hand, “Soy Sauce Roll Cake” is the combination of soy sauce flavored sponge and whipped cream.
That is new! Why not try this best combination of Japanese traditional condiments and western sweets?

All of the above make perfect souvenirs! Try the latest evolutions of ever-changing Japanese soy sauce!