Experience Virtual Reality in the Real Japan!

VR games allow players to immerse themselves in a dynamic, 360-degree worlds by wearing a special head-mounted display (HMD). Unlike TV or smartphone apps, you feel like you’re inside the game itself.

VR PARK TOKYO game center facility occupies an entire floor of a building in the youth culture capital of Shibuya. Once you pay the entrance fee, you can play all the VR games you want for 80 minutes. Do battle with monsters in the world of a role playing game (RPG), go on a magic carpet adventure, walk a tightrope between high rise buildings, or throw impossibly diabolical pitches in a virtual baseball showdown. There are lineups for some of the more popular games, so make sure you go directly to your game of choice to maximize your time inside the park.

Many of the games are in Japanese only, but anyone can still enjoy them. There are also certain VR games offered in English and Korean. You can of course have fun by yourself, but playing with friends or a special someone is an even bigger blast. VR PARK TOKYO will continue to install new games, so keep coming back! You don’t need to make a reservation to enter, but there are limits on group size. Saturdays are packed, so weekdays or mornings are recommended to get the most for your money.

*Tickets are valid for a pre-scheduled 80 minute session. Patrons may line up for the next session when space is available. Numbered tickets are distributed every morning at 10 a.m.
** Children under 13 years of age may enter VR PARK TOKYO, but are not permitted to play games.

Lots of Other Places Offer VR Thrills!

Aside from Shibuya’s VR PARK TOKYO, VR facilities are popping up in other areas, too. Inside the Tokyo National Museum, the TNM & TOPPAN MUSEUM THEATER offers visitors a new way to experience traditional culture through VR. Cultural treasures and historical buildings that no longer exist are brought to life for viewers. VR imagery is projected on a huge 6.6m (21.6ft) wide by 3.7m (12.1ft) high screen in crystal clear 4K resolution, immersing spectators in history.

Edo Castle rebuilt to its full glory through VR
Edo Castle rebuilt to its full glory through VR

At Ikebukuro’s landmark Sunshine 60 skyscraper, check out SKY CIRCUS to experience an aerial, futuristic vision of Tokyo.

Take a VR walk into the skies above Tokyo from the 60th floor
Take a VR air walk 60 floors above the ground.

Other VR attractions include TOKYO JOYPOLIS (Odaiba), Aeon LakeTown mori’s VR CENTER (Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture) and Huis Ten Bosch’s brand new THE VIRTUAL (Nagasaki Prefecture).

VR facilities are opening across Japan. Don’t miss out on your next visit!