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Before my trip to Japan, I was looking for tourism information and found the Japan Official Travel App. I was able to get all kinds of info on events during my stay, accommodations, and sightseeing spots. The app works in multiple languages – English, Korean, and Chinese (traditional and simplified) – which is a big help.

Of course you can download it once you arrive, but to get the most out of the Japan Official Travel App I recommend using it to plan your trip before you go!

Map Out the Exact Route to Your Accommodations!

So, I finally touched down at Narita Airport. After arriving at JR Tokyo station, I transferred to the Tohoku bullet train north to JR Sendai station.
I was all ready for my stay at the Akiu hot springs inn, but the subway and the bus transfer to reach the closest station to the hotel was really confusing.
With a few taps, the app gave me the shortest, most reasonable route to my accommodations.

Akiu-onsen Hot Spring
(C)Sendai Akiu Hot Spring HOTEL SAKAN

The Japan Official Travel App offers discount ticket information for overseas visitors and ensures trouble-free sightseeing. Not only that, you can quickly pinpoint the nearest ATMs, wi-fi hot spots and other necessities for your Japan trip.

Use the Japan Official Travel App’s Search feature to Experience a Typical Local Japanese Festival

Before leaving for Japan I used the app to check what kind of “matsuri” (festivals) and other events were happening during my stay, but once I made it there and experienced the atmosphere of the city and the kindness of the local people I already knew that I would really like to come back again soon. After searching once more, I found out that the Sendai Tanabata Festival, which is held annually in August, is one of the three largest Festivals in the Tohoku region. This Festival, along with the Nebuta Festival in Aomori and the Kanto Lantern Festival in Akita make a great destination for any visitor wishing to experience a traditional Japanese festival. My visit to Sendai was so enjoyable that I am planning to visit the Tanabata Festival and the other major festivals in the Tohoku area when I return next year.

The app features carefully selected articles written by travel writers with a deep knowledge of the country to provide visitors with local information to get the most out of your trip.

I had a great time shopping for souvenirs while thinking that I can’t wait to come back to see the Festivals in Tohoku next year. I got a little carried away with buying souvenirs at the festival and ended up with a pile of stuff! I used the app’s “baggage storage” function and located a coin locker nearby. Now I was hands free and ready to have more fun.

Tanabata decorations
Around 3,000 vivid decorations adorn the streets during Sendai Tanabata Festival

As one of the three major festivals in the Tohoku region, Sendai Tanabata Festival takes place every August 6th to 8th.
There are some 3,000 colorful decorations along the main streets and shopping arcade around Sendai station. It’s truly a sight to see. In the evening there is a fireworks display at the Sendai Nishi Park (Sendai Nishi Koen) where a visitor can experience the true atmosphere of summer in Japan.

Great Functionality, Even Without Wi-Fi!

Hospital search function
Using the app to search for a nearby hospital

On the way to my next destination, I started feeling under the weather in an area with no wi-fi connectivity. I opened the app and was able to search for hospitals even while I was offline. I got some medical assistance and felt great again.

Even when you’re offline in Japan you can use the Japan Official Travel App to locate and get contact information for sightseeing spots, hospitals, embassies and more.

Install the Japan Official Travel App and make your next journey to Japan even more memorable, and stress-free. Download it today!

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