Making Tradtional Crafts in Ishikawa Prefecture

Visitors of all ages can enjoy the experience of creating their own item decorated with Kinpaku Gold Leaf

Make your own traditional crafts
Make your own traditional crafts

Kanazawa is has long been renowned for producing ornamental craftworks decorated with Kinpaku Gold Leaf. Various producers of Gold Leaf around Kanazawa hold workshops regularly that are very popular with tourists, where a visitor can make their own souvenir decorated with gold leaf such as chopsticks or mobile phone strap for less than 1000yen.

Making a fan that was traditionally used by Geiko

Making your own traditional fan
Making your own traditional fan

During the period from the fifteenth to early twentieth century, Chaya were a very popular place among Samurai and other members of the upper class. After official endorsement by the ruling Kaga Clan in 1820, Kanazawa’s Chaya became very popular, providing a place where traditional dance and music were performed by Geisha, dressed in elegant and colorful Kimono.

Traditionally, Geiko (or Geisha) of the era, would distribute handmade fans embellished with their name to customers as a kind of business card. Kanazawa’s largest Chaya, Kaikaro, holds workshops where visitors are able to make their own original handmade fan decorated with their name written in traditional Japanese calligraphy. The cost of the work shop is 2,700 yen, and will surely provide a visitor with a unique, memorable experience of traditional Japanese culture.

Learn about Ishikawa’s traditional arts and crafts

A video made by the Kanazawa City Tourism Association of Kanazawa Craft Tourism can be found here:

Kanazawa City in Ishikawa Prefecture is also well known for other traditional arts and crafts such as Kaga Yuzen Silk Dyeing, Kutani Ceramics and Wajima Urushi Lacquer Ware. The Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Traditional Arts and Crafts has a comprehensive display of these traditonal arts and crafts which is not to be missed. The Museum hosts demonstrations on weekends conducted by traditional artists and craftsmen that are available to the public, providing the opportunity for a visitor to observe these artists at work. A visitor also have opportunities to experience making a piece of jewelery at a shop named Kagamizuhiki Tsudamizuhiki Origata using the traditional Japanese craft called Mizuhiki, which is a type of string or cord made from twisted paper, usually used to decorate gifts for celebrations such as weddings.

Mizuhiki is a decorative Japanese string or cord made from twisted paper that is attached to gifts at celebrations such as weddings

Craft Workshops at the Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Traditional Arts and Crafts change weekly.

There are many facilities offering visitors an opportunity to experience traditional Japanese arts and crafts throughout Ishikawa Prefecture. A piece made by one of the many craftsmen would be a great souvenir, or even create your own!