Stay in a traditional old Japanese house in Sasayama, Hyogo, with its many old houses

What kind of place is Sasayama?

The town of Sasayama in Hyogo Prefecture is situated around one hour away from JR Osaka Station. Aside from its agriculture, the town is also known for its Tamba Pottery and other traditional arts and crafts. Many historic sites and old townscapes still remain, and there are numerous shops and other enterprises dotted around the town that were created by refurbishing its old houses.

Sasayama Castle was built in 1609, and remains a symbol of the town to this day. The castle moats and stone walls remain largely untouched, as they were at the time of its original construction.

The castle town area can be reached in around 15 minutes on the local bus from JR Sasayamaguchi Station

A hotel composed of old houses scattered around the town, which feels as though you actually lived there

Sasayama Castle Town Hotel NIPPONIA is an accommodation facility created using old Japanese-style houses situated around the town, keeping their external appearances as they are but refurbishing their interiors and equipping them for modern-day living. The operators of NIPPONIA regard the five old house based hotels located around the town of Sasayama (giving a total of 12 guest rooms overall) as a single accommodation complex. Guests check in at the ONAE building, which serves as the hotel reception. There, they pick up their keys before heading on to the building they will be staying in, enjoying the castle town atmosphere with its rows of local cafes, variety stores and long-standing Japanese confectionery shops as they go. The hotel comes recommended for solo travelers, couples and families; enabling guests to enjoy a stay that feels as though they are not travelling holidaymakers, but real residents living in the town.

ONAE, where the front reception desk is located, is the refurbished former house of the president of a bank, built during the 1870s. It is the largest of all the buildings, and it too has rooms where guests can stay.

The other hotel buildings—SAWASIRO, NOZI, SION and SYOUZI-AN—each have their own unique feel. SAWASIRO, for example, can also be reserved in its entirety for private use, for people who wish to enjoy a relaxing stay with family, or in a group.

By making a reservation with the restaurant in ONAE, guests can savor delicious French cuisine packed with local ingredients. Although the restaurant serves mainly dishes made using local produce based on French cooking techniques, diners can also enjoy special choice courses, such as one that enables them to savor Chateaubriand steak—said to be the highest-quality cut of meat amongst all beef cuts—from Tajima Cattle (a breed of Japanese Black cattle).

Although it costs extra in addition to standard accommodation fees and requires a separate reservation, the breakfast also comes highly recommended. Guests can enjoy a highly-nutritious Japanese-style breakfast made using fresh local ingredients, including freshly-boiled rice, miso soup made from black bean miso, succulent thickly-cut grilled salmon, soft and fluffy tamagoyaki (a type of Japanese-style omelet) and small side dishes of locally-grown vegetables.

Sasayama also has convenient access from nearby cities such as Osaka and Kyoto. Why not try taking a trip slightly further afield to enjoy the historic townscapes and the beauty of nature? You are sure to discover and appreciate a side of Japan that you never knew before.

Sasayama Castle Town Hotel NIPPONIA

Address:ONAE, 25 Nishimachi, Sasayama-shi, Hyogo

Approximately 15 minutes by free shuttle bus from JR Sasayamaguchi Station
(Please request the bus when placing your reservation.)