Visit Oze for natural scenery and beautiful flowers that bloom from early summer to early autumn

Many hikers visit Oze National Park for its natural scenery and flowers blooming in the marsh

Oze boasts fascinating views of a marsh surrounded by celebrated mountains. Its main tourist location, Oze National Park, extends 12 km (7.5 mi) from east to west and 9 km (6 mi) from north to south. It offers well-maintained trails, which tourists can use to visit sightseeing spots while being mindful of environmental protection. The general open season for Oze is between mid-May (after the end of winter) and the end of October (when the colored leaves start to fall).

Recommended trails that let hikers enjoy Oze’s unique nature and seasonal flowers

The entry of vehicles, including bicycles, into Oze National Park is prohibited to protect nature. Vehicles are only allowed up to the five gateways for the mountain area: Hatomachi Pass, Fujimi-Shita, Oshimizu (Gunma Prefecture side), Numayama Pass, and Miike (Fukushima Prefecture side).

1. Route from Hatomachi Pass, which goes to Ozegahara Plateau

Walking time: 6.5 hours, 17.0 km (10 mi)
Elevation: About 200 m (656 ft)

Relatively flat and easy to walk, this standard trail with its well-maintained wooden path is popular among first-time visitors and beginners. Visitors can enjoy the seasonal flora, such as white skunk-cabbage in early summer and colored leaves in fall.

White skunk-cabbage: A characteristic flower of Oze. It begins to bloom in mid-May, peaking in early June.

2. Route from Numayama Pass, which goes through Oe Moor and along Lake Ozenuma

Walking time: 3 hours, 7.0 km (4.3 mi)
Elevation: About 110 m (360 ft)

One of Oze’s iconic scenes is created by the daylilies that bloom in large bunches over the broad wetlands of Oe Moor against the backdrop of Mt. Hiuchigatake, the highest volcano in the Tohoku region.

Daylily: A popular flower with tourists visiting Oze. Seen from the middle to the end of July, it grows in large bunches, creating a beautiful scene.

3. Route from Oshimizu, which goes to Lake Ozenuma

Walking time: 6.5 hours, 17.0 km (10.5 mi)
Elevation: About 570 m (1,870 ft)

The highlight of this route is the view of Lake Ozenuma and Mt. Hiuchigatake after a steep climb due to the dramatic elevation. From there, you can continue on to Lake Ozanuma. Although the route around Lake Ozenuma stretches for some distance, it is flat and easy to traverse, allowing visitors to enjoy the changing scenery.

Cottongrass: Not quite flowers, the fluffy masses of white cotton sway in the wind, creating a beautiful scene. The best time to see this is from the middle to the end of June. Because this view only lasts for about 10 days each year, it is a rare spectacle.
Autumn leaves: Leaves start to turn red in early September and are at their peak from the end of September to October.

The diverse flowers in the park are a highlight of sightseeing in Oze. They vary depending on the season and some are only visible for a very short time. Go hiking in Oze to see stunning flowers.