Glamping: An exquisite natural stay experience in Japan

A splendid outdoor stay at a mountainous retreat in Tokyo

Circus Outdoor Okutama

Circus Outdoor Okutama is about two hours’ drive from central Tokyo. A vast glamping site of around 4,000 square meters, or 4,783 square yards, was launched at the western end of Tokyo. In the woods, where you can view the emerald green Lake Okutama below, there are five original tents, all of which have unique interiors designed by renowned stylists. The furniture and ornaments are all carefully selected. For example, one tent imitates a tent used by the leader of the circus company as a waiting room, while another reproduces a state guest room. Each tent has its own story.

main dining tent

At the main dining tent, you can enjoy set meals prepared by first-rate chefs and services equivalent to those available at hotels. It is also possible to enjoy a luxurious dinner prepared by chefs at the outdoor living space at the tent. It is wonderful to enjoy a private camp fire near the tent after the dinner. All of this can be enjoyed in all seasons throughout the year. Since it can be hard to book, make your booking now.

A nature experience in quiet woods on the foot of Mt. Fuji


HOSHINOYA Fuji is a glamping resort with simple cube-shaped terraced cabins in the lakeside woods on the foot of Mt. Fuji. In the large Cloud Terrace that takes advantage of a slope in the woods, you can enjoy a forest stay in your own style from morning till night, for example at the bonfire bar and in a forest concert. It is great that you can experience the making of smoked food or chopping firewood for cooking pizzas in a stone oven under the guidance of glamping masters.


For a mountain walk, a backpack with binoculars for bird watching, a bottle, snacks, a pillow, a blanket and other items are available on loan. When morning sunlight comes through the large windows all over the wall, open a morning box delivered to enjoy breakfast at the terrace.

A relaxing moment on the waterside without caring about time


Located in Shiga Prefecture, GLAMP ELEMENT is five minutes’ drive away from JR Omi Nagaoka Station. A new guest room area additionally constructed on its large site on the foot of Mt. Ibuki attracts great attention. It provides a high-class experience in a raindrop tent fully equipped with a shower room inside or in a two-story cabin furnished with a whirlpool bath.

On a wooden deck connected to the room, enjoy local beef that is highly renowned in Japan and desserts prepared with plentiful of locally produced milk. Guest rooms of all types sit on a large pond. Dedicated canoes allow you to enjoy watching water birds closely.

In an early summer evening, it is a nice moment to walk beside the pond to the bar lounge in the main building called Astral while watching faint lights of fireflies. Meals and drinks at the bar are all inclusive in the fee. Take a rest with a drink with a full resort feel. An outdoor stay experience in Japan will impress you.