Make sightseeing easy and convenient by using your shared bicycle wisely

Sightsee with ease using shared bicycles

Seasoned travelers are using shared bicycles for their sightseeing, as an easy way to get around or as a means of moving from place to place that does not harm the environment and contributes to better health.

Unlike when you travel by car, bus or train, when you cycle, you can explore a city as if you actually live there. Cycling also makes it easier to enter small alleys and back streets where you can find new shops and cafes, which is another way to enjoy cycling. Here we introduce the use of shared bicycles in Tokyo and Kyoto.

If you choose shared bicycles for sightseeing in Tokyo, in one day you can cover an unexpectedly large number of places for a city large as Tokyo.

For example, what about cycling the route from the Imperial Palace to Aoyama and then to Akihabara? Depart from Tokyo Station and head towards the Imperial Palace. We recommend that you cycle a lap of road that in some sectors is turned into a special bikeway every Sunday. After that, head for Aoyama to enjoy the fancy cafés and shops. When you have experienced Japan’s famous subculture in Akihabara, return to Tokyo   Station. This route will take four to five hours in total. It is the recommended route for travelling around the center of the 23 districts of Tokyo.

You can experience several aspects of Tokyo along the route between Shinjuku and Asakusa. From Shinjuku head to the Meiji Shrine, surrounded by thick atmospheric forest that you would not expect to find in such a large city. Then onwards to Ginza to check out the latest trends in the fashion buildings. Next enjoy the views of the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower at Odaiba Seaside Park. Lastly, visit the Sensoji Temple and enjoy the scenery along the Sumida River in Asakusa.

Sightseeing on bicycles is also popular in Kyoto City.

From the center of Kyoto City where most of the tourist spots are to the vicinity of Arashiyama in the west, the roads are mostly flat so you can cycle with ease. The roads have a grid-like structure that makes it easy to identify east, west, north and south. On a bicycle you can happily sightsee with ease, without having to wait for buses and trains or be worried by traffic congestion. If you intend to sightsee in Kyoto by bicycle, we recommend that you cycle through the back streets, soak in the historical ambience and visit shops in machiya (traditional wooden townhouses) to discover the unique townscape of Kyoto.

Take advantage of shared bicycles to plan your sightseeing wisely.

One of the features of shared bicycles is that you can rent and return bicycles in a number of different places. In general, many designated bicycle parking spaces are available within the area of use. You can save time by, for example, renting a bicycle from a parking space near your accommodation, returning it during your travel and returning home on the bus. The flexibility of the service means that it can accommodate your individual schedule and save you time.

Traffic regulations and traffic signs in Japan may be different from what you are used to at home, so remember to cycle with care.

The shared bicycle service is expanding beyond Tokyo and Kyoto.

Maximize the convenience of shared bicycle and rental bicycles and have fun sightseeing.