Going Up!—Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Sky Tree is going up right on schedule, cheek by jowl with the 400-year old neighborhoods of Asakusa, Mukojima and Ryogoku. When completed in December 2011, the 634-meter tall structure will be the world’s tallest freestanding television and radio broadcasting tower. Take a rickshaw from Asakusa, famous for its Kaminarimon Gate, and crane your neck for a better look, or admire the tower from afar aboard a scenic cruise boat on the Sumida River. The structure is also easily visible from Mukojima, still a geisha district today, and Ryogoku, home of sumo’s Kokugikan arena.

Tokyo, with past, present and future coexisting side by side, is a place where change is a constant. There’s always the thrill of discovering something new, in a place where traditional culture and new beginnings intersect—that’s what makes this city so fascinating!

Construction on Tokyo Sky Tree started in July 2008. By March 2010, 20 months later, the tower had overtaken 333 meter-high Tokyo Tower, Tokyo’s original broadcasting tower, to become the tallest structure in Japan. As of October 2010, Tokyo Sky Tree stands at 470 meters. Construction of the second observation deck (height 450 meters) is proceeding, and the tower’s mast will soon be erected.

Scheduled to open in spring 2012, Tokyo Sky Tree is sure to become an instant attraction and tourism destination, and new entertainment facilities, such as an aquarium and a planetarium, will be opening in the area around the same time. But above all, now is the only time to see Tokyo Sky Tree under construction. The tower keeps on getting taller by the day: what will it look like when you visit?