Plan Your Meal with JNTO’s Restaurant Search Site!!

Visitors to Japan say that one of the pleasures of traveling here is the food. Yes, Japan is a food lovers’ paradise, with Tokyo boasting the largest number of listings in the Michelin Guide. And the options aren’t limited to Japanese cuisine either: a huge variety of different culinary traditions is on offer.

To make your Japan visit even more pleasant and memorable, the JNTO website now offers a multilingual restaurant search function (in English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and Korean) in cooperation with Gourmet Navigator, Japan’s leading restaurant search site.

Restaurants on the list range from casual, pub-style eateries to deluxe establishments; many have staff speaking foreign languages or foreign-language menus.

This new function makes it easy to search for a restaurant that suits your tastes, in major sightseeing areas or near your hotel. Check the restaurant list before you leave home. Some restaurants offer coupons too, so be sure to peruse the list and print the coupons before you leave home.