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“IS JAPAN COOL?” – A website introducing the appeal of Japan through visual content

“IS JAPAN COOL?” is a website made of visual content that overflows with the appeal of Japan. It introduces various “cool” aspects of Japan including subcultures, fashion, gourmet food, and traditional culture from various angles. It will now introduce “hyakkaten” (Japanese department stores), focusing on the shopping experience in Japan.

“Isetan Mitsukoshi” is a major hyakkaten in Japan. It offers not only a wide selection of high-quality product, but various other forms of entertainment, including a basement floor called “depachika” that is like a “gourmet food wonderland” where variety of take-out items are sold, female staff known as “elevator girls” who embody the spirit of hospitality that is unique to Japan, and traditional Japanese crafts or clothing. Hyakkaten, which literally means a store selling hundreds of items, could also be called a store that sells culture.

The videos do not simply stop at providing explanations of the products sold in hyakkaten. Though short, each one introduces the essence of manufacturing offered by hyakkaten through background stories that explain why the products are excellent, including interviews with craftsmen who create the products or introductions to the production processes. After watching some of these videos with their concentrated content, you will be an expert on Japan.

An example of a product introduced in the videos is an iron kettle known as Nambu ironware.* If a tool for boiling water is made of iron, it will naturally rust. However, by caring for the tool after each use, it can be kept in a clean state. It is interesting that inconvenience leads to customs that maintain cleanness. In addition, it is beneficial for health since a moderate amount of iron dissolves into the water, which is said to give the water a milder taste. It has recently started gaining popularity in France and other Western countries, and has been reevaluated in Japan as well. Popular items have been produced, such as colorful teapots by Mariage Freres that combine the advantages of French design and Japanese Nambu ironware. “IS JAPAN COOL?” introduces the appeal of hyakkaten, their products, and their spirit of hospitality from perspectives that only ANA can make possible and that cannot be heard in stores, including an interview with a craftsman concerning the appeal of Nambu ironware.
*There are various types of Nambu ironware aside from kettles.

Discover the values that Japan boasts to the world through “Taste of JAPAN by ANA”

“Tastes of JAPAN by ANA” is another means of transmitting the appeal of Japan proposed by ANA. It is an ambitious project to encourage customers to experience various prefectures of Japan on the airplane or in airports. From September to November 2013, Kumamoto was featured. Currently, from December 2013 to February 2014, Hokkaido is being featured, and from March to May 2014, the three prefectures of Ehime, Miyagi, and Miyazaki will be featured. Three prefectures will be featured in three-month cycles. During each period, dishes from the featured area or dishes unique to or using ingredients from that area in abundance will be offered in first and business class international flights. In addition, local liquors or desserts will be available in lounges or made available for in-flight sale.

In-flight video program “SKY EYE – Message from the Sky”

The appeal of each area will also be introduced in the in-flight magazine or the in-flight video program: “SKY EYE – the Message from the Sky.” Through this campaign, ANA will make an all-out effort to introduce all areas of Japan.

Business class domestic in-flight meals (Miyazaki cuisine)*

ANA serves grilled Miyazaki beef sirloin in its first class international flights to Europe and North America from Japan (excluding some routes). In addition, it serves local cuisine using an abundance of ingredients produced in Miyazaki in its business class international flights (from Japan to Southeast Asia, India, and Honolulu (excluding some routes).

Blood orange marmalade(from Uwajima, Ehime)*

In Narita Airport (international flight lounge) and Haneda Airport (domestic and international flight lounges), lounge meals using special ingredients from Ehime and Miyagi are offered. For example, marmalade made from blood oranges produced in Ehime and Ishinomaki Yakisoba (fried noodles) using ingredients from Miyagi are offered.

Sparkling wine “Migaki-Ichigo Mousseux,” using strawberries from Miyagi*

In the ANA LOUNGE in Sendai Airport, the sparkling wine, “Migaki-Ichigo Mousseux,” that uses luxury “Migaki-Ichigo” strawberries from Miyagi will be offered from March 1 to May 30. “Migaki-Ichigo Mousseux” is popular with women for its flinty sweetness and fresh strawberry aroma, and is perfect as an aperitif.

Haneda Airport Lounge

In addition, a special corner is set up in the ANA lounges of Haneda Airport, Narita Airport, and Kansai International Airport to offer national drinks (liquor representing Japan, including Japanese sake and shochu) from Ehime, Miyagi, and Miyazaki. National drinks have different flavors depending on the area or brewer, and comparing their tastes is enjoyable. Please check the website to see what kind of drinks are served in each lounge.

* The photo is for illustrative purposes only.

Travel around in Japan at bargain rates with the “Experience JAPAN Fare”

Takachiho Gorge[Miyazaki]
Dogo Hot Springs[Ehime]

If the content of the “IS JAPAN COOL?” and “Tastes of JAPAN by ANA” campaigns made you feel like visiting Japan to experience the appeal of various places, take advantage of the “Experience JAPAN Fare”, which is a special bargain fare offered by ANA to foreign visitors to Japan. You can use any ANA route within Japan at a flat rate of 10,500 yen per sector.* Moreover, the fare can even be used on airlines other than ANA, allowing for more flexibility. Although a reservation is required, tickets can easily be booked through the ANA website. Please read the previous article introducing the Experience JAPAN Fare.
*10,800 for tickets purchased in or after April 2014.

ANA News

ANA News (column)
From March 30th, ANA will increase the number of international flights and launch new international routes from Haneda Airport. ANA and Haneda Airport will become even more convenient as a hub for various routes within Japan and as a gateway to the center of Japan, Tokyo.

List of new routes from Haneda
New routes
Haneda – London
Haneda – Paris
Haneda – Vancouver
Haneda – Jakarta
Haneda – Manila

Increased flights
Haneda – Singapore
Haneda – Bangkok