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ANA Experience JAPAN Fare are good-value airfares that ANA offers to foreign tourists visiting Japan. It features a flat rate of 10,800 yen for most sections of ANA’s routes across Japan.

Travel by airplane is comfortable, and saves time and money. Travel around impressive photogenic spots in regions across Japan!

Streetcar Dining District, retro shopping streets in the airport

The starting point of this trip is New Chitose Airport. The Streetcar Dining District reproduces the old streets of Sapporo. The restaurant area gathers the gourmet shops of Hokkaido, including fresh seafood, soup curry originating from Sapporo, Hokkaido, and miso ramen shops. Replica streetcars look real on the stone-paved streets. After enjoying gourmet food, sit in the sophisticated driver’s seat and take commemorative photos.

Outdoor bath in the airport!?

New Chitose Airport offers a hot spring, including an outdoor bath, the popular ROYCE’ chocolate factory, and theme park for Doraemon and Hello Kitty, so you can enjoy waiting for your flight.

See a huge beckoning cat and a giant Shisa!

Flights from New Chitose Airport to the Central Japan International Airport in Aichi run seven flights per day. If you use ANA Experience JAPAN Fare, the regular 44,610 yen fee will be reduced to 10,800 yen!

Do not miss the exclusive photo spot in Tokoname, where the Central Japan International Airport is located, of the statue of the huge beckoning cat.

It takes about five minutes by train from the airport to downtown. While Tokoname has thrived through the production of ceramics since ancient times, it is especially renowned for producing beckoning cats, ornaments of lucky cats.

Tokonyan, a statue of the huge beckoning cat

If you walk for a few minutes from Tokoname Station, you will see Tokonyan, a statue of a huge beckoning cat. The huge beckoning cat, 3.2 m/about 10.5 ft in height and 6.3 m/about 20.7 ft in width, is located on a cliff overlooking Manekineko-dori, where 39 different beckoning cats are displayed. The best spot for taking pictures is from the overpass in front.


Streets and buildings will make you feel like taking pictures, such as Dokanzaka, which features chimneys, ovens and pottery waste materials from a brick-structured pottery factory in a traditional atmosphere. Stroll around the area with your camera in hand.

Next, go to Naha, Okinawa, a southern location from the Central Japan International Airport (three flights a day). If you use ANA Experience JAPAN Fare, the regular 46,110 yen fee will be reduced to 10,800 yen!

A giant Shisa in Cape Zanpa

A popular beach resort in Okinawa, Japan. See the statue of Japan’s largest Shisa (lion-shaped talisman). Go northeast from Naha Airport for about 28 km/17 mi, take a bus for 90 minutes, and you will see a huge Shisa in Cape Zanpa, 8.75 m/about 28.7 ft in height, known as Zanpa Ojishi. Take a picture with it to remember its incredible size.

Sunset in Cape Zanpa

Cape Zanpa is a place of interest for sunsets, where the sun sets last from the main island of Okinawa. The area has beach, lighthouse that rises along the cape, and playing field for children, and it is recommended for families and couples.

Getting There: Take an airport limousine bus (90 minutes) and get off at Zanpamisaki Royal Hotel stop.

Torii, a red gateway at the entrance to a Shinto shrine, with shifting impressions depending on the time

[Hiroshima (torii at Miyajima)]
The next journey is from Naha to Hiroshima (one flight a day). If you use ANA Experience JAPAN Fare, the regular 38,400 yen fee will be reduced to 10,800 yen! Take a limousine bus to JR Hiroshima Station, take a train to JR Miyajimaguchi Station, and then take a ferry for 10 minutes to arrive at Miyajima pier.

A beautiful gateway at the entrance of the Shinto shrine appears to float on the sea at high tide 
You can take pictures near the gateway at low tide 

Miyajima, the location of Itsukushima Shrine, which is registered as a World Heritage Site, is also known as a power spot. The large, red gateway that appears to float on the sea about 200 m/656.17 ft at high tide. At low tide, you can walk to the gateway. Both the gateway on the sea and the one nearby are photogenic. Also, take pictures of the specialty Momiji Manju (maple leaf-shaped sweets) and eat it. It is especially tasty fresh from the oven.

Momiji Manju, a Miyajima specialty

Next, go to the nearby downtown Hiroshima, and spend time in unique ways, such as by visiting the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and the Atomic Bomb Dome, and enjoying Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki and oysters.

[Mombetsu (crab claws)]
Finally, go to Okhotsk Mombetsu Airport in Hokkaido via Haneda Airport, by departing from Hiroshima Airport. There are 10 flights a day from Hiroshima Airport to Haneda Airport, and one flight a day from Haneda Airport to Okhotsk Mombetsu Airport. While the regular fees are 87,580 yen in total, you can go there for only 21,600 yen. (*Only one flight is available early in the morning to travel on the same day from Hiroshima to Haneda to Mombetsu. Please check the schedule on the ANA website.)

Huge crab claws rise on the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk. Artworks created during the Drift Ice Festival held in 1983. The elaborate crab claws are 12 m/about 39.4 ft in height, and weigh seven tons. Upload pictures of crabs, a specialty of Hokkaido, via SNS, and document your trip to Hokkaido.

Icebreakers “Garinko-go II”

Mombetsu is associated with drift ice in the Sea of Okhotsk. If you ride on the Icebreakers “Garinko-go II” from late January to the end of March, you will have the unique experience of thrusting into drift ice.

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