Keio Plaza Hotel: full of appeal where you can enjoy the best of Tokyo and Japan

Experience the beauty of Japan from within the hotel

One of the biggest pleasures of travelling is experiencing the local culture. Keio Plaza Hotel is located in Shinjuku, a sightseeing hub centrally located with access to all areas of Tokyo. In promoting Japanese culture, the hotel is drawing attention as a place where you can come in contact with traditional events, craftwork and the food culture of Japan while staying in the hotel.

Dolls hanging from strings in the lobby
Splendid dolls hanging colorfully decorate the lobby
Goshoningyo or imperial palace dolls
Goshoningyo, a gift for celebrations that represents a good omen (an item cherished by the imperial family)
Special menu for Hina-matsuri or the girl's festival
Hina-matsuri event/ Special menu

For traditional events such as New Year’s day, the inside of the hotel is colorfully decorated with beautiful ornaments related to the event. One of the most popular events is “Hina-matsuri”, a traditional event to wish the healthy growth of girls held from February to March, and noted for its colorful and gorgeous display. As many as 5,500 dolls hanging from strings and antique dolls are displayed in various locations. Goshoningyo or imperial palace dolls loved by the imperial family will be on display this year. Special events are also held and special menus are provided at 9 restaurants in the hotel as well.

Arita ware event
During the Arita ware event held in July 2014, a grand palace made of porcelain was displayed

Among the events that introduce traditional crafts, a joint event for Arita ware and Imari ware, the porcelain representing Japan, is worth noting. This annual event held in July celebrates its 35th anniversary this year, and there are a variety of attractions to take in. Events include the display and sale of products from famous potteries, fairs held by restaurants where you can enjoy meals on Arita ware and Imari ware plates, and a free display of artwork. Other traditional events include a special event showing the beauty of Mt. Fuji, a World Heritage site, and events that introduce various cuisine and craftwork from all over Japan.

Artworks such as calligraphy by eminent artist Toko Shinoda are displayed in Imperial
Suite Room
Artworks such as calligraphy by eminent artist Toko Shinoda are displayed in Imperial Suite Room
Tou no niwa or a garden of porcelain designed by Mr. Yusuke Aida
‹Cocktail & Tea Lounge› that you can enjoy while having the view of “Tou no niwa” designed by Mr. Yusuke Aida
Plants planed & arranged by distinguished landscape gardener, Koki Fukaya.
Plants planed & arranged by distinguished landscape gardener, Koki Fukaya.

It is also unique in that you can see art everywhere in the hotel, including “Tou no niwa” by a leading potter and environmental artist in Japan, and plants planted and arranged by a distinguished landscape gardener. Calligraphy, paintings, traditional craftwork and modern art are also displayed occasionally in the lobby and galleries for free.

Standing in a great location about a 5-minute walk from Shinjuku Station and having 1,436 guestrooms, Keio Plaza Hotel welcomes guests from more than 100 countries in the world. The fact that you can experience a wide variety of traditional and modern Japanese culture is one of the reasons why guests from overseas choose to stay at this hotel.

Hello Kitty Room

Kitty Town Room
“Kitty Town Room”

The “Hello Kitty Room” that opened in November 2014, is exclusive to Keio Plaza Hotel and has been infused with the atmosphere of “Hello Kitty” through interior design and furniture. Two types of rooms, “Kitty Town” and “Princess Kitty”, are available and plans include an original Kitty cake and dessert and Kitty mascot items that are not available anywhere else.

Hello Kitty sweets

Hello Kitty Room

(c)1976, 2015 SANRIO APPROVAL No.SP560627

One of the best collection of top restaurants among all the hotels in Tokyo

Kaiseki Soujuan
Kaiseki “Soujuan”
Kaiseki Soujuan
Kaiseki “Soujuan”

The collection of restaurants at Keio Plaza Hotel is one of the best of any hotel in Tokyo, and you can enjoy dining at 7 restaurants specialized in Japanese food. At Kaiseki “Soujuan”, traditional tea-ceremony dishes, a collection of fine Japanese foods beautiful to the eye, are served by a waitress dressed in Kimono in a Japanese room decorated with Japanese pottery and paintings. At Japanese Cuisine “Kagari”, you can experience a wide variety of Japanese food including sashimi with fresh seafood delivered directly from a fishing port, sukiyaki, sushi and tempura. Standing next to it is Sake bar “Amanogawa” that boasts a collection of sake from all over Japan strictly selected by sake connoisseurs. Why don’t you come enjoy the beauty of Japanese food, recently registered as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage?

Teppan-yaki Yamanami
Teppan-yaki “Yamanami”
Tempura Shun
Tempura “Shun” serves traditional tempura cooked in sesame oil. Shown on the right is the Hina-matsuri special menu

The hotel has a full collection of restaurants specialized in serving popular Japanese food at its best flavor including a Teppan-yaki restaurant that grills Kobe beef to bring out the best flavor, as well as a branch of a sushi restaurant and a buckwheat noodle restaurant which are representative of Japan. “The beauty of Japanese food is bringing out the flavor of seasonal ingredients with the best cooking techniques. For tempura, the density of the batter and the temperature of the oil are adjusted for each ingredient. I always observe the customers and strive to provide the best service to meet their satisfaction”, says Minoru Enomoto, the head chef of Tempura “Shun”, a restaurant specialized in tempura which is unique for hotels in Tokyo to have.

All Day Dining Jurin
All Day Dining Jurin
All Day Dining “Jurin”

Aside from Japanese restaurants, the hotel also has a wide variety of other restaurants including French & Italian, Chinese, Korean and buffet style restaurants. The sweets buffet of All Day Dining “Jurin”, which was remodeled last fall, is also popular. You can fully experience the pleasure of food with plenty of choices from early in the morning until late at night.

Sky Bar Polestar
Sky Bar Polestar
Sky Bar “Polestar” commands an overwhelmingly beautiful night view from the large window on the 45th floor

Excellent bartenders that have won awards in Japan and abroad serve you at the bar lounge. “We have a wide selection of alcohol and serve cocktails made with our unique method. For example, we bring out more of the sweetness of grapefruit by letting it sit for one day after peeling it. Our original cocktail made with green tea and whiskey from Japan is popular, too”, says Motoi Nishida, a bartender at Sky Bar “Polestar” that commands a beautiful night view of Tokyo.

Highly functional international hotel located in Shinjuku, a popular area in Tokyo

Keio Plaza Hotel, playing a pioneering role in the hotel industry in Japan
Keio Plaza Hotel, playing a pioneering role in the hotel industry in Japan

Keio Plaza Hotel opened in 1971 with the aim of being an “open area where diverse people gather and enjoy culture together (ie. a ‘Plaza’) ” and has constantly promoted Japanese culture. Of course, the comfort, the functionality and the convenience they offer leave nothing to be desired.

The Shinjuku area is conveniently located with easy access to all areas in Tokyo including Asakusa, Harajuku and Akihabara, where many famous department stores, electronic retail stores, cultural facilities such as theaters, shopping districts and large parks can be found next to each other. Located about a 5-minute walk from Shinjuku station in the middle of Shinjuku, with limousine buses available for Tokyo Disney Resort and airports, the hotel is the ideal place to enjoy every aspect of Tokyo.

Plaza Premier
Plaza Premier
All the guest rooms are provided with free Wi-Fi service
All the guest rooms are provided with free Wi-Fi service

Many of the hotel restaurants and shops mentioned are filled with a sophisticated atmosphere. The hotel also has a wide variety of guest rooms such as “Plaza Premier” which guarantees the best comfort with an elegant European design and natural materials, “Plaza Luxe” which provides a high quality, cool and relaxing atmosphere, and rooms that feature the popular character “Hello Kitty”. All rooms come with a satisfying array of amenities including free Wi-Fi service. They have also started their project as a forerunner in the industry to provide a comfortable environment for the guests with a variety of needs such as promoting a barrier-free environment and actively introducing non-alcoholic drinks.

Guest relations
English map for sightseeing spots nearby is available

The hotel has a full support for guests from overseas, which make up more than half of all the guests. “There will be a lot of things that you don’t know in a foreign country. We strive to provide service that exceeds expectation by listening to what our guests need and utilizing the total strength of our hotel. Chinese is available as well as English. Please don’t hesitate to come ask us for assistance”, says Kumiko Kojima who is in charge of guest relations.