Keio Plaza Hotel: A convenient hub in Tokyo where you can enjoy traditional culture of Japan

Experience traditional culture in the unique events held inside the hotel

Keio Plaza Hotel located in Shinjuku, a convenient place for visiting every area of Tokyo, is a popular hotel in which more than 70% of its guests are from overseas. The hotel’s facilities, comfort and functionality are satisfying enough to welcome guests from over 100 countries in the world and it also attracts many people with its unique events held inside the hotel where guests can experience Japanese culture as well as the “Hello Kitty Room”.

Arita ware event(2014)
Exhibition of Arita ware and Imari ware in the main lobby area
Arita ware plates
Arita ware with its exquisite beauty and elegance
Special menu
Special menu served on Arita ware plates and Arita ware with its exquisite beauty and elegance

In July 2015 the annual event to introduce Arita ware and Imari ware, a Japanese traditional craft which has about 400 years of history is going to be held in the hotel. The event welcomes its 35th anniversary. The theme of this year is a collection of works that were introduced in international expositions in European countries mainly in the latter half of the 19th century and were highly praised for their magnificent style. This marks the beginning for the Japanese brand’s spread into the world. Masterpieces are displayed everywhere in the hotel and there is an exhibition resembling the expos overseas in the lobby. Precious ancient ceramics and a large work over 2m tall owned by art museums are also displayed for everyone to freely enjoy. You can also have a variety of experiences that are difficult to get at art museums such as a display and sale where you can buy artworks of several famous potters from Saga Prefecture, the production area of Arita ware and Imari ware, and fairs at 11 restaurants in the hotel where you can enjoy a special menu served on genuine Arita ware plates.

Picture of Mt. Fuji
Mt. Fuji Ice Cream
In June 2015, cultural events featuring Mt. Fuji are held including a live painting by an artist painting the wall of a public bath (top) and Mt. Fuji cake (bottom)
Flower arrangement experience
An event for guests from overseas to experience flower arrangement

Besides Arita ware, events to introduce Japanese traditional crafts such as chopsticks and other Japanese traditional events are held occasionally as well as events where guests can experience flower arrangement, tea ceremony and origami.

Enjoy Japanese food and art to the fullest inside the hotel

Other than events, there are plenty of opportunities to experience Japanese culture inside the hotel. At seven Japanese restaurants in the hotel, a variety of Japanese food is provided including Kobe beef, tempura, sukiyaki, sushi, ramen, sake and green tea. You can enjoy your fill of the Japanese food which is registered as a World Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Kaiseki Soujuan
Kaiseki “Soujuan”
Kaiseki Soujuan staff
Kaiseki “Soujuan” staff

Kaiseki “Soujuan” is a restaurant where you can enjoy tea-ceremony dishes, which condenses the essence of Japanese food, with your sense of sight and taste. At Japanese Cuisine “Kagari”, you can taste a wide variety of Japanese food including sashimi with fresh seafood delivered directly from a fishing port, sukiyaki and sushi and a Sake bar “Amanogawa” which serves strictly selected sake from sake brewers across Japan. The hotel also has a variety of restaurants specialized in Japanese cuisine including a specialty restaurant of Teppan-yaki that brings out the best flavor of Kobe beef as well as ones that serve sushi, tempura and soba.

Tou no niwa
Enjoy the view of “Tou no niwa” or a garden of porcelain designed by Yusuke Aida
Imperial Suite
The artworks of distinguished Japanese artists are displayed in the Imperial Suite

A free exhibition of calligraphy, painting, traditional crafts and contemporary art is held occasionally in the lobby gallery. You can also find art everywhere in the hotel including “Tou no niwa”, designed by a leading potter Yusuke Aida and can be viewed from inside of the “Cocktail & Tea Lounge”, a garden and grove of mixed trees, designed by landscape artist Koki Fukaya which spreads out outside of “Jurin” on the second floor, and “Polestar”, the bar on the 45th floor produced by a worldwide interior designer Isamu Kenmochi.

The performance of koto or Japanese harp
There is also a tea-ceremony room, “Sho-Fu-An”, rented out for an authentic tea ceremony in the hotel and the performance of koto or Japanese harp is held at the front desk area on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Hello Kitty Room

Princess Kitty
Hello Kitty Room “Princess Kitty”
Special breakfast
A room service of special breakfast will be provided starting from end of July.

There are two types of Hello Kitty Rooms which are “Princess Kitty”, where you can enjoy feeling as if you are a princess surrounded by favorite items of the popular character Hello Kitty, and “Kitty Town” with the image of Hello Kitty and her friends enjoying their day in Tokyo. A present of an original Kitty mascot item is given to the guests who stay in Hello Kitty Room and they also offer plans that come with perks such as a Kitty cocktail or a Kitty cake. The king size Kitty Doll made its debut in “Kitty Town” in April this year. Breakfast only for “Hello Kitty Room” is going to start in the near future.

(c)1976, 2015 SANRIO APPROVAL No.SP560627
Hello Kitty Room

Enjoy the “summer” of Japan to the full extent with a swimming pool and a beer hall

Another appeal of Keio Plaza Hotel is that you can fully experience the four seasons of Japan inside the hotel. This includes this summer as well.

Sky Pool
Sky Pool is popular giving you a feeling of freedom. Locker room is also fully equipped.

In summer, “Sky Pool”, an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by green which is unique in the hotels in Tokyo, opens. It is open from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, available for visitors as well, and there is also a rental service of bathing suit which allows you to have a quick swim. There is also a reasonable set plan that combines lodging, dining at a restaurant and access to the swimming pool. The 7th floor, where the pool is located, is also equipped with a fitness gym, free throughout the year for all the guests to use.

Sky Beer Hall
At “Sky Beer Hall”, you can taste Japanese refreshment while enjoying the night view

“Beer Hall”, a necessity for summer in Japan, is also available for you to fully enjoy in the hotel. “Little Bear” on the 45th floor opens “Sky Beer Hall” only during summer, where you can enjoy a wide selection of drinks including beer, cocktails and soft drinks and a variety of refreshment at a reasonable price. You can enjoy Japanese refreshment such as “yakitori” and “takoyaki” and their original highball that uses Japanese whiskey, and a magnificent night view commanding a view of both Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree at the same time is also a must-see. Korean Dining “Gokoku-Tei” also opens a Korean Beer Hall in summer serving Korean refreshment.

Seasonal Japanese cuisine
Japanese food bringing you a sense of the season with its ingredients and design
In summer, “Jurin” introduces “Sweets Buffet” full of sweets using tropical fruits

They also provide food that uses seasonal ingredients essential to enjoy the best of each season. The hotel has one of the best collection of restaurants of any hotels in Tokyo including Japanese cuisine, French & Italian, Chinese, Korean and buffet and each restaurant has their own fair to provide meals with seasonal ingredients. The menu of “Sweets Buffet” of “Jurin” that uses seasonal fruits is also one that cannot be missed.

Decoration for Hina-matsuri or the girl's festival
Colorful and gorgeous display in the hotel during “Hina-matsuri”, a traditional event in spring

There are also a lot of opportunities for you to feel four seasons with a beautiful decoration inside the hotel related to Japanese seasonal traditional events such as the New Year and Hina-matsuri.

Welcomes guests from all over the world with its advanced accessibility and functionality

Keio Plaza Hotel
Keio Plaza Hotel, playing a pioneering role in the hotel industry in Japan

Standing in the best location only about a 5-minute walk from Shinjuku Station that boasts easy access to all areas in Tokyo, Keio Plaza Hotel has welcomed more than 14 million guests from over 100 countries since its opening in 1971 as the first high rise hotel in Japan.

The mask of Tengu or a long-nosed goblin
The mask of Tengu placed in Takao-san Yakuo-in temple

Shinjuku where the hotel is located is a convenient place for shopping and leisure activities where many famous department stores, electronic retail stores, cultural facilities such as theaters, shopping districts and large parks gather next to each other. It is also easy to access Mt. Takao, a three-star tourist spot on Michelin Guide, plenty of rich nature and Japanese culture, and Nishi-Tokyo area that has Sanrio Puroland where you can meet Hello Kitty. A shuttle service is also available from the hotel to Tokyo Disney Resort and airports.

Enjoy Nishi-Tokyo
Guest rooms
High quality and relaxing guest rooms

A variety of guest rooms all have a sophisticated interior design and free Wi-Fi service. The restaurants, which are the best collection of top restaurants among all the hotels in Tokyo, provide meals from 5:00 am to midnight and the bars and lounges in the hotel have about 20 staff members including the finalist of an international cocktail competition.

Universal Designed Room
Universal Designed Room where all the guests can enjoy a comfortable hotel life
Guest relations

They have also introduced a variety of equipment and services as a forerunner in the industry to provide a comfortable environment for the guests from overseas with a variety of needs such as promoting a barrier-free environment, actively introducing non-alcoholic drinks and responding to guests who cannot eat particular foods, including vegetarians. The automatic foreign exchange machine installed in the lobby can exchange 12 different currencies including US dollar, Euro, yuan, Hong Kong dollar, Taiwan dollar, won and baht. Their means of communication with overseas guests has also improved, after remodeling their website in different languages and starting English and Thai facebook. They strive to support guests from all over the world with the most advanced equipment, services and constant hospitality.