Experience premium quality Japanese culture at a highly convenient world-class hotel in Tokyo

Discover authentic Japanese traditional culture at on-site events

Performers in exquisite kimono and elaborate masks dreamily dance with traditional instruments such as Japanese flutes and drums as well as singing voice. “Noh” play, which is said to be as the oldest play in the world with over 600 years of history, is a Japanese traditional performance designated as an UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Noh play performed at the special event
Excerpt from the Noh play, “Atsumori”, will be performed in the special luncheon event on June 16th (for-pay event)
Noh masks
Display of twenty Noh masks, the core of beauty and elegance
Exquisite Noh costume
Various Noh costumes will be exhibited

In June 2016, the Noh exhibition and performances will be held at Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo in Shinjuku. You can experience the traditional world of Noh, which presents subtle and profound beauty. An in-house exhibition, which is supported by the National Noh Theatre, is going to be held from June 1st to 29th. It offers free displays of masks of characters such as young women, children and demons, as well as Noh costumes in elegant patterns and colors, picture materials of Noh, and images of a performance. On June 22nd and 23rd, fifteen-minute long demonstrations of songs and dance are going to be performed at the lobby for free. On June 16th, the digest version of “Atsumori”, a tragetic story of a boy warrior, will be offered in a special for-pay event as well as special lunch course served by an executive chef.

Displays of fine Arita ware
Grand displays at Arita ware event in the hotel lobby in 2015
Arita ware made by famous potters
In commemoration of their 400th anniversary, Arita ware works made by three famous potters – two of whom are living national treasure – are displayed all together. From the left, the works created by Inoue Manji, Imaizumi Imaemon the fourteenth and Sakaida Kakiemon the fifteenth

From July 1st to August 7th, the event of Arita ware, which is Japanese traditional porcelain with 400 years of history, will take place in an entire building co-hosted by a producing area, Saga prefecture in the Kyushu area. You can enjoy the exhibition of porcelain ware made by leading potters such as “living national treasure” Inoue Manji, Imaizumi Imaemon the fourteenth and Sakaida Kakiemon the fifteenth, as well as white porcelain object ware.

Japanese cuisine in collaboration with the event
“Soujuan” Japanese Kaiseki cuisine at Arita ware event

You can also visit the exhibition sale of Arita ware from famous pottery. At the 10 restaurants in the hotel, they will offer a special menu, with which you can have a meal on a plate of authentic Arita ware. At the “Soujuan”(Kaiseki Cuisine), you can have a traditional Japanese course meal served with porcelain ware made by above potters.

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo, in which this exhibition will be held, is a world-class hotel with 1,437 guest rooms. It is in a five-minute walk from Shinjuku Station, which is a hub of the Tokyo metropolitan area. It regularly holds not only these events introduced above but also various in-house events where you can experience Japanese culture: an event of the dolls’ festival, a traditional handcrafts event of chop sticks, and an event under the theme of Mt. Fuji, the World Natural Heritage site. The exceptional convenience and comfort attracts international guests, which makes up 70 percent of all the guests.

Experience a wide variety of Japanese culture at the hotel including tea ceremony, kimono or even Hello Kitty

Formal tea ceremony room
In-house tea ceremony room
Authrntic tea ceremony skills
Authentic tea ceremony experience is available

As a venue of various Japanese cultural events, Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo also offers various Japanese cultural experience opportunities. At the tea ceremony room “Sho-Fu-An” on the 10th floor, there is a tea ceremony class for international guests. It is held on five days out of the week except for Thursdays and Sundays. With a small group, you can participate in the class with an English instruction from a master.

Traditional wedding kimono
Special photo shooting spot will be prepared for guests who try weddding kimono experience
Koto performance
You can enjoy traditional Japanese harp, Koto concert

A service where you can try on traditional Japanese wedding costumes is also very popular. You can take a photo of yourself in a wedding costume, which is made of silk with elegant embroidery and dyeing, at a photo spot such as a traditional wedding ceremony venue in the hotel. Additionally, the hotel regularly holds Japanese flower arrangement classes and origami lessons for the guests. There is also a Japanese harp concert at the front desk area.

Hello Kitty room
Special room decorated with Hello Kitty items
Hello Kitty in bell staff uniform
Receive a limited version of Hello Kitty doll in bell staff uniform, available as a gift until the end of June

In the Keio Plaza Hotel, you can also experience truly unique modern culture, which is not available at any other hotels. In the “Hello Kitty room”, which is available only in the Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku and Tama, you can spend your time in the world of “Hello Kitty” with some unique decorations, amenity goods and breakfast. An original Kitty’s mascot will also be given to those who stay in this special room. Also, there is a special plan that includes benefit such as Kitty’s cake. If you stay there during June in 2016 with this plan, you can get an original-limited Kitty’s mascot in a bell staff uniform, in commemoration of the 45th anniversary of the hotel.

Wide selection of new style restaurants

Beautifully served Japanese meal
Offering a variety of Japanese cuisine,Japanese cuisine“Kagari”
At Kaiseki restaurant “Soujuan”, you can discover Japan through not just your sense of taste
Sake bar
Sake bar “Amanogawa” offers premium Japanese sake carefully selected by a sake sommelier

You can also enjoy the World Intangible Cultural Heritage “Washoku” (Japanese food) with the specially selected sake from breweries located all over Japan at the seven restaurants: “Soujuan”, where you can have a kaiseki cuisine with a full essence of Japanese food, “Kagari”, which offers a broad range of quality dishes, specialty restaurants of sushi and tempura, and “Amanogawa”, which is a sake bar.

Buffet with variety of food
Buffet restaurant “Glass Court” offers over 70 kinds of dishes

Not only are there Japanese restaurants but also a variety of restaurants such as French, Italian, Chinese, Korean, buffets and more, all within the hotel. You will get to know something new in each restaurant because they hold the seasonal fairs under the theme of seasonal ingredients.

You can enjoy wonderful view from the window
”Jurin” with a view of lush greenery
Buffet with a wide selection of seasonal fruits
“Jurin” offers a delightful sweets buffet featuring themes related to seasons

“Julin” offers sweets buffet fairs throughout the year under a variety of themes such as a collaboration with Easter and strawberries, cherry blossoms and Mt. Fuji, and the “Alice in Wonderland”. There, you can enjoy more than thirty kinds of sweets and light meals made with seasonal fruits and ingredients. In the sweets buffet in June, which will be held under the theme of a fairy story “The Little Mermaid”, you can enjoy sweets such as hermit crab shaped tarts and mint jellies in refreshing colors.

World-class hotel having a tradition of innovation, convenience and functionality

Pioneer of high-rise hotels
Façade of Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo
Stately entrance
Hotel entrance

Shinjuku is a popular area which is convenient for sightseeing, shopping, art, gourmet and business. In 1971, Keio Plaza was established as the first skyscraper in Shinjuku, and as the highest building in the world at that time. Since then, it has been leading the industry with efforts in promoting barrier-free facilities and non-alcohol drinks so that any kind of guests can stay comfortably, with the aim at becoming a “plaza”, an open place where diverse people gather and enjoy culture in the international city, Tokyo. Keio Plaza will keep delivering Japanese culture to the guests from all over the world though more variety of events. It marks the 45th anniversary in June 2016.

Guest room with comfortable atmosphere
New club floor “Premier Grand” will open in December, 2016
Outdoor rooftop pool
Sky Pool

Free Wi-Fi access is available in all the guest rooms with a sophisticated designed interior. In the restaurants area, which is one of the most qualified restaurants areas among hotels in Tokyo, you can enjoy meals from at 5 am until late into the night. At the bar, you can enjoy drinks served by skilled bartenders who have won the domestic and international contests. A lushly green outdoor “Sky Pool” also opens in the summer. It also offers free shuttle buses to the Tokyo Disney resort and the Airport limousines, which meets the visitors’ needs.

Hotel staff welcome guests with a high level of hospitality
Hotel staff welcomes you

International guests which make up 70% of all visitors are welcomed with hospitality and great services. A currency exchange machine on the lobby floor accepts twelve different currencies. Guest relations provides information on nearby destinations for sightseeing, and receive applications for the cultural experience programs in the hotel. They also put an effort in delivering multi-lingual information on their website, Facebook and Instagram.